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(February 22, 2019)


Zelenjavčki​ is the Slovenian dub of VeggieTales, dubbed at KIFKIF d.o.o in Maribor, Slovenia. It was distributed in 2003-2004 by Video Art before actual DVD production stopped in 2005 or 2006. However, Video Art continues to sell digital copies which can be burned to blank DVDs for physical preservation and even provides cover scans.

Originally, while the dub was being put into production around 1999, Big Idea gave KIFKIF d.o.o the same textless foreign cut that was originally used for the original Latin Spanish, Arabic and Japanese dubs. The dub was originally going to be distributed in 2000, but shortly before any episodes of the dub were distributed, the executives of KIFKIF d.o.o overlooked the dub, and thought the Chilean/Arabic visuals were bad (i.e. an alternate title card of "Dance of the Cucumber" and Bob's clone at the end of said Silly Song), and the studio called Big Idea, saying the visuals they were given were bad and poorly done. After this, Big Idea decided to send in the American visuals. Everything except the title for "Tales from the Crisper" then went unlocalized due to budget constraints.

The original pre-production version of the dub having the original visuals reused from the Chilean/Arabic dubs were lost forever until an anonymous Slovenian user illegally leaked them online in early 2019.

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