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(August 13, 2019)

William is a character from the Fearless Five series. He is a member of the 3-syllables Art and Drama Club. He first appears in the episode, "Art and Drama"

Appearance Edit

William is a slender humanoid with blue skin, a darker blue nose, red hair, and pastel blue-green eyes. He wears a green beanie, dark magenta sweater with a star on it that's missing its left sleeve, a white T shirt under it, beige shorts, and orange shoes.

Personality Edit

William is the leader of the art and drama club. He is very expressive, especially in the way he dresses. He is very friendly, happy-go-lucky, and sweet. He can befriend anyone, even those who find him slightly annoying. William is vivacious, and his lively and energetic personality attracts the eyes of a few girls. William gets bashful when he is complimented, due to his humbleness and selflessness. He's always there when someone needs a shoulder to cry on, and he tries his best to include everyone.

Trivia Edit

  • He speaks with a British accent.

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