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Welcome Back Esther! is a fan made VeggieTales episode by Princess22Love. (If the image I'm using is not allowed here, then please let me know)

Plot Edit

After a long road trip, Esther (from Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen) walked inside Pa Gape's Store. Petunia Rhubarb was at the diner area holding a milkshake. Esther saw Petunia and decided to meet up with her. Esther said to her, "Um. Hi. I'm Esther. Are you Petunia Rhubarb?" Petunia looked at Esther and dropped her milkshake in shock. Then Petunia said, "Esther!? You're the girl who played as the other Esther in Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen!" Esther smiled, then said, "Yes I am. I'm a really big fan of you." Petunia says, "Aww thank you! I always wanted to meet you in person, by the way." Esther sat next to her, then they had a conversation. Later, Esther revealed to Petunia that she's secretly a real queen who is married to a handsome nice king. At first, Petunia thought she was joking. But Esther told her that it's true, and she told her not to tell anyone else. Petunia promised not to tell anyone. Then Petunia asked, "Hey, would you like to meet the others?" Esther agreed. Later, Petunia and Esther were on the counter top. Bob and Larry were walking together. Larry saw Esther, and his jaw dropped to the ground. Then he said to Bob, "Bob! Look!" Bob said back to Larry, "Let me guess. is it a singing and dancing lobster?" Larry said, "No! Just look!" Bob looked at Esther, and his jaw dropped to the ground. Then Petunia and Esther met up with Bob and Larry. Bob said to Esther, "Are you... Esther!?" Esther smiled, then said, "Yep. It's me." Larry said to her, "We haven't seen you in 100 years!" Bob rolled his eyes and said to Larry, No Larry, it has NOT been 100 years." Larry looked confused, then asked Bob, "Then how long has it been!?" Bob looked annoyed and answered, "How should I know!? We been hosting VeggieTales since the 90s, yet, I still look like a handsome young tomato!" Larry was even more confused, but then he decided to forget about it. Then Bob and Larry FINALLY noticed that Petunia was there as well. Larry said to Petunia, "Oh. Hi Petunia! Were you showing Esther around the house?" Petunia answered, "Actually, I was just helping her meet everyone again." Bob was about to ask Petunia something, but Mr. Lunt walked over. Esther said to Mr. Lunt, "Haman! - I mean, Mr. Lunt! I remember acting with you!" Mr. Lunt acted as if he saw her lots of times before, and said to her, "Hi, Esther." Then Mr. Lunt said to Petunia, "Petunia, I need you to help me with something." Petunia tried to say to him, "Oh um, okay. Is it okay if I-?" Mr. Lunt pulled her to go with him, fast. Now it was just Esther, Larry, and Bob. Bob and Larry decided to let Esther hangout at their house until Petunia comes back.

[The the plot is not finished yet. Princess22Love will finish it when she's ready.]

Characters Edit

  • Esther
  • Petunia
  • Bob
  • Larry
  • Mr. Lunt
  • Esther's husband

Fun Facts Edit

  • Finally, Esther is in another episode.
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