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(August 12, 2019)

Walter Weatherbee is a character in The Fearless Five Adventures. He is Wendy's brother. who debuts in "We're the Weatherbees!"

Appearance Edit

Walter is a slender humanoid bee with marigold skin, dark brown cosmic cut hair and pink eyes. He wears a yellow and black striped collared shirt, coffee brown pants, dark brown shoes and suspenders. He also wears a dark grey bow tie and round framed glasses.

Personality Edit

Walter is very friendly and optimistic like his family. He likes people and talking, which makes some of the other classmates annoyed. He tends to be very intelligent and and enthusiastic, as he gets excitable with every minor happy moment, like sneezing. Some of his innocence and optimism concerns and annoys his classmates, except for Petal, sometimes Bash and Persephone, and Millie. Despite being insanely optimistic, Walter is a very sweet and good natured person who tries his best to make people happy.

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