Veggie Carnival is a Episode that is Based on the Game with the same name.


Join in the grand opening of the Veggie Carnival, where kids play five hilarious carnival games with the Veggies and win loads of tickets. Aim for a high score in Dartguns in Dodge or take a wild ride in Bumper Clickers. Watch the wacky Veggie robots sing silly songs. Clown around by dressing up your favorite Veggies in hats, wigs, and funny clothes. When you've earned enough tickets, climb aboard the Bobbereeno for a thrilling roller coaster ride with--who else--the Veggies.


  • Bob the Tomato as the Carnival Manager
  • Larry the Cucumber as Carnival Manager's assistant
  • Mr. Lunt as Carnival Mascot
  • Grandpa George as Dart Guns in Dodge host
  • Jimmy and Jerry as Bumper Clickers hosts
  • Jean Claude Pea as Silly Songs with Robots host #1
  • Philippe Pea as Silly Songs with Robots host #2
  • Mr. Nezzer as Clown Around host
  • Junior Asparagus as Bobbereeno host

Carnival TownspeopleEdit

  • Dad Carrot as himself
  • Mom Carrot as herself
  • Baby Lou as himself
  • Tom Grape as himself
  • Dad Pea as himself
  • Rosie Grape as herself
  • Madame Blueberry as herself
  • Mom Asparagus as herself
  • Scooter as himself
  • Annie's Mom as herself
  • Dad Aspragus as himself
  • Lenny Carrot as himself
  • Lil' Pea as himself
  • Laura Carrot as herself
  • Pa Grape as himself
  • The Peach as himself
  • Annie's Dad as himself
  • Annie as herself
  • Ma Grape as herself
  • Mom Pea as herself
  • Frankencelery as himself
  • Archibald Asparagus as himself
  • Harry the Penguin as himself
  • Percy Pea as himself

Character VoicesEdit

  • Phil Vischer:
    • Carnival Manager (Bob the Tomato)
    • Carnival Mascot (Mr. Lunt)
    • Dart Guns in Dodge host (Grandpa George)
    • Bumper Clickers Host #1 (Jimmy Gourd)
    • Silly Songs with Robot Host #2 (Philippe Pea)
    • Clown Around Host (Mr. Nezzer)
    • Percy Pea
  • Mike Nawrocki:
    • Carnival Manager's assistant (Larry the Cucumber)
    • Bumper Clickers Host #1 (Jerry Gourd)
    • Silly Songs with Robot Host #1 (Jean Claude Pea)
  • Lisa Vischer:
    • Junior Aspragus
  •  Cheryl Chase 
    • Laura Carrot
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