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VeggieTunes Classics is an 8-part CD released to tie-in with the VeggieTales Classics DVD/VHS series. The first disc, which features songs from Rack, Shack & Benny and Josh and the Big Wall!, was released in April 2002, the second, which features songs from The Toy That Saved Christmas, was released in October 2002, the third, which features songs from Lyle the Kindly Viking and The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown was released in February 2003, the fourth, which features songs from Madame Blueberry and King George and the Ducky was released in May 2003, the fifth, which features songs from Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen, was released in August 2003, the sixth, which features songs from Where's God When I'm S-Scared? and Dave and the Giant Pickle, was released in February 2004, the seventh, which features songs from God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!, Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space! and Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed, was released in May 2004, and the eighth, which features songs from Are You My Neighbor?, was released on March 2006.


Disc 1Edit

  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. Good Morning George
  3. Think of Me
  4. The New and Improved Bunny Song
  5. Dance of the Cucumber
  6. The Bunny Song (Reprise)
  7. Stand!
  8. Promised Land
  9. The Song of the Cebú
  10. The Lord Has Given
  11. Keep Walking
  12. The Lord Has Given (Reprise)
  13. Promised Land (Reprise)
  14. What We Have Learned (Larry's Version)

Disc 2Edit

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  1. Can't Believe It's Christmas
  2. Buzz-Saw Louie Commercial*
  3. We Need More Toys!
  4. Grumpy Kids
  5. Going Downhill
  6. Oh Santa!
  7. Hang On, Guys!
  8. George's Story*
  9. Attention, Dinkletown! and Technical Difficulties
  10. Four Tickets to Puggslyville
  11. Buzz-Saw Louie Saves the Day!
  12. The Best Christmas Ever and Away in a Manger

Disc 3Edit

  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. Larry's High Silk Hat
  3. We're Vikings
  4. What's Up with Lyle?
  5. Dear Monks and Thank You, Thank You
  6. Not So Fast and Share of Friends
  7. Look Olaf!
  8. Thank You, Thank You (Reprise) and Share of Friends (Reprise)
  9. We're Vikings (Reprise)
  10. Do the Moo Shoo
  11. What We Have Learned
  12. Silly Song Remix Medley

Disc 4Edit

  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. I'm So Blue
  3. Stuff-Mart Suite
  4. Salesmunz Rap
  5. His Cheeseburger
  6. Thankfulness Song Medley
  7. Stuff Stuff, Mart Mart
  8. I Love My Duck
  9. I Must Have It
  10. Endangered Love
  11. There Once was a Man
  12. The Selfish Song
  13. What We Have Learned (Jimmy and Jerry's Version)

Disc 5Edit

  1. Opening Music
  2. Bow to Me!
  3. The Battle Prelude
  4. Lost Puppies
  5. Bigthan's Cake
  6. The Peaoni Brothers Get Banished
  7. Haman's Song
  8. The Battle is Not Ours
  9. Esther Warns the King and Haman Gets Banished
  10. Mordecai's New Job and Esther's Courage

Disc 6Edit

  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. God is Bigger
  3. The Water Buffalo Song
  4. King Darius Suite
  5. Oh No! What We Gonna Do?
  6. We've Got Some News
  7. Fear Not, Daniel
  8. You Were in His Hand
  9. Love My Lips
  10. Big Things Too
  11. What We Have Learned

Disc 7Edit

  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. We are the Grapes of Wrath
  3. Some Veggies Went to Sea
  4. The Forgiveness Song
  5. A Fib Falls and It's Laura's Fault
  6. The Search and It's Lenny's Fault
  7. The Fib Grows and The Water Tower
  8. Junior Tells the Truth
  9. LarryBoy Theme Song
  10. Rumor Weed Introduction
  11. The Seed is Planted and The Rumor Spreads
  12. The Rumor Weed Song
  13. Larry-Boy to the Rescue
  14. The Sewer and Town Square
  15. The Confession and the Bloom
  16. What We Have Learned
  17. The Rumor Weed Song (The W's)

Disc 8Edit

  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. Flibber-O-Loo Introduction
  3. Busy, Busy
  4. A Helping Hand
  5. Love Your Neighbor
  6. The Hairbrush Song
  7. This Is It!
  8. Grab The Gourds!
  9. Jimmy and Jerry are Heroes!
  10. I Can Be Your Friend
  11. What We Have Learned


  • Various DJs used the songs (not counting those that were used as background music) to promote the DVD/VHS releases of the episodes released under the "VeggieTales Classics" line.
  • Discs 2, 5, 7, and 8 are the only ones to feature background music from the series.
  • Disc 7 has the songs from God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?! on one disc, and is packed with Larry-Boy: The Soundtrack, containing the Larry-Boy songs.


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