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(May 26, 2019)


VeggieTales and True: Quest for the Rainbow Kingdom! is a VeggieTales x True and the Rainbow Kingdom cross-over. It was developled by Big Idea, Nintendo and Guru for the Nintendo Switch and PS4. In the game, the VeggieTales gang finds a portal to the Rainbow Kingdom and help save it from Glummy Glooma!

Playable Character Teams: Edit

Unlike the other VT games, this game features a CPU helper ALL THE TIME (unless there’s a second player waiting to play). You can choose your character from each team and the 2nd player or CPU controles the other.

  • LarryBoy and Thingamabob: a classic superhero team we love. They stand against sadness and fight for what’s right!
  • True and Bartelby: the rightful heroes of the Rainbow Kingdom! They are given 3 wishes by their friend, Zee, for solving puzzles.
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