The third season of VeggieTales Kids aired from September 4, 2000, to June 1, 2001.

Cast Edit

  • Ullysses Cuadra as Bob the Tomato
  • Oliver Grainger as Larry the Cucumber
  • Kath Soucie as Bob the Tomato's mom
  • John Ritter as Bob the Tomato's dad
  • Joanna Noyles as Bob the Tomato's grandmother
  • Earl Boen as Bob the Tomato's grandfather
  • Brittany Murphy as Larry the Cucumber's mom
  • AJ Henderson as Larry the Cucumber's dad
  • Eddie McClurg as Larry the Cucumber's grandmother
  • Henry Corden as Larry the Cucumber's grandfather
  • Lisa Vischer as Junior Asparagus
  • Dan Anderson as Dad Asparagus
  • Alfred Enoch as Archibald Asparagus
  • Ross Bagley as Mr. Nezzer
  • Rodger Bumpass as Mr. Squashy, the Math Teacher (tomato)
  • Bill Fagerbakke as Mr. Jerrycone, the Science Teacher (asparagus)
  • Christiane Crawford as Mrs Bradfair, the Band Teacher (cucumber)
  • TC Carson as Mr. Singalot, the Choir Teacher (pickle)
  • Grey Griffin as Mrs. Leader, the Literacy Teacher (zucchini)
  • Walter Massey as Mr. Cracky, the Principal (carrot)
  • Arthur Holden as Colonial Mack (cucumber)
  • Bruce Dinsmore as Chief Stevens (carrot)

Episodes Edit

  1. The Big Math Test/Tuba or Not Tuba
  2. The Fire Drill/No Smoking
  3. Junior's Nightmare/ The Veggie Air Force
  4. Mr. Nezzer, the Diabetic/ The Dog Chase
  5. The Written Report/ Happy Birthday Larry
  6. Laura's Assembly/ No Recess Today
  7. Bob Gets a Cat/ Jailbreak
  8. The Science Presentation/ Archibald's Halloween
  9. Madame Blueberry's Cake/ Cookies and Ice Cream
  10. Call the Cops/ Stealing is Wrong
  11. The Blizzard/ Bob's Sing Along Show
  12. The Christmas Concert/ Hanukkah Night
  13. Saturday School/ The Mystery of the Missing Shoe
  14. Teacher Trouble/ Held Back
  15. The Last Straw/ The Stolen Bicycle

Trivia Edit

  • From this season onward, the company is now called Sesame Workshop.
  • This is the first season where Ullusses Cuadra voices Bob the Tomato. He uses the same voicetype as Vaz from Clifford the Big Red Dog, due to the deepening of Michael Yarmush's voice after season 2 ended.
  • This is the only season where Ross Bagley voices Mr. Nezzer. After that, Kel Mitchell voices him for the rest of the seasons.
  • This season uses 2 new PBS Kids logos that involve Transformation. These involve the following. One version has Dash the boy transforming from a caveman, to a scuba diver, to a robot, ending on a pale spring bud background with dark blue bubbles wobbling and shaking. This comes after the red background version of the funding. The other version has Dot the girl transforming from a tiger, to an octopus, to an astronaut, ending on a dark blue nighttime sky background with stars, and that comes after the blue background version of the funding.

Video Edit

2 versions of the VeggieTales Kids Season 3 funding (2000-2001) (Fanmade) (credit to all YouTubers who uploaded)

2 versions of the VeggieTales Kids Season 3 funding (2000-2001) (Fanmade) (credit to all YouTubers who uploaded)

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