The tenth and final season of VeggieTales Kids aired from September 4, 2007, to December 24, 2007


  • Pamela Segall as Bob the Tomato
  • Jake T Austin as Larry the Cucumber
  • Kath Soucie as Bob the Tomato's mom
  • Arthur Holden as Bob the Tomato's dad
  • Joanna Noyles as Bob the Tomato's grandmother
  • Earl Boen as Bob the Tomato's grandfather
  • Brittany Murphy as Larry the Cucumber's mom
  • AJ Henderson as Larry the Cucumber's dad
  • Eddie McClurg as Larry the Cucumber's grandmother
  • Jerry Nelson as Larry the Cucumber's grandfather
  • Lisa Vischer as Junior Asparagus
  • Dan Anderson as Dad Asparagus
  • Kel Mitchell as Mr. Nezzer
  • Phil Vischer as Dad Carrot and Grandpa George
  • Rodger Bumpass as Mr. Squashy, the Math Teacher (tomato)
  • Bill Fagerbakke as Mr. Jerrycone, the Science Teacher (asparagus
  • Christiane Crawford as Mrs. Bradfair, the Band Teacher (cucumber)
  • Grey Griffin as Mrs. Leader, the Literacy Teacher (zucchini)
  • Walter Massey as Mr. Cracky, the Principal (carrot)
  • Caroll Spinney as Buzz Saw Louie (guest appearance in Christmas Shopping)


  1. Eat Your Green Beans Mr. Nezzer/ The Checkup
  2. Jimmy and the Goldfish/ Bob and Larry's Talent Show
  3. Bob Gets Stage Fright/ The Huge Language Arts Test
  4. The Band Played On/ Go to Sleep
  5. Carnival Fun/ The Stray Dog
  6. Get Out Mr. Nezzer/ Grandpa George Goes Shopping
  7. Ghosts and Goblins and Witches/ Sold Out
  8. Bob's Thanksgiving (TV special)
  9. The Eclipse/ The Winter Games
  10. Christmas Shopping/ Too Much Candy Canes
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