On July 31, 2001, Artisan, Family Home Entertainment Kids, CINAR, and the Sesame Workshop released a 7 disc set of the entire third season of VeggieTales Kids

Disc 1 Edit

  1. The Big Math Test/Tuba or Not Tuba
  2. The Fire Drill/No Smoking

Disc 2 Edit

  1. Junior's Nightmare/ The Veggie Air Force
  2. Mr. Nezzer, the Diabetic/ The Dog Chase

Disc 3 Edit

  1. The Written Report/ Happy Birthday Larry
  2. Laura's Assembly/ No recess today

Disc 4 Edit

  1. Bob gets a cat/ Jailbreak
  2. The Science Presentation/ Archibald's Halloween

Disc 5 Edit

  1. Madame Blueberry's Cake/ Cookies and Ice Cream
  2. Call the Cops/ Stealing is Wrong

Disc 6 Edit

  1. The Blizzard/ Bob's Sing Along Show
  2. The Christmas Concert/ Hanukkah Night

Disc 7 Edit

  1. Saturday School/ The Mystery of the Missing Shoe
  2. Teacher Trouble/ Held Back
  3. The Last Straw/ The Stolen Bicycle

Trivia Edit

  • All Discs from this season to season 6 have the Sesame Workshop purple house red roof logo after the Family Home Entertainment Kids logo
  • Some paired episodes on each disc have either the Dash Transformation or Dot Transformation PBS Kids logos after the funding. Discs 1, 2, 4, and 7 have the Dot Transformation PBS Kids logo, while discs 3, 5, and 6 have Dash Transformation
  • This is the only DVD set to have the animated Digital Video Compression Center logo (used on Universal DVDs like the live action How the Grinch Stole Christmas) appear after the Artisan Home Entertainment logo at the end of the DVD. (the previous 2 seasons on DVD box set had a still version of the logo with the words DVD production services by Digital Video Compression Center (DVCC) screen with web url at the bottom)
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