On December 8, 2009, Lionsgate, Cookie Jar, and the Sesame Workshop released a package featuring all 10 DVD box sets of VeggieTales Kids. Each DVD set contains all 10 DVD sets with the original packaging.

Disc 1 Edit

  1. Bob Wants Toys/The Case of the Missing Donut
  2. Sharing Trouble/Bob's Bath Time

Disc 2 Edit

  1. Ice Cream Madness/Come Back Larry
  2. Naughty Larry/Bob Gets Books

Disc 3 Edit

  1. Mean Mr. Nezzer/Bob Gets Bullied
  2. A Greedy Berry/ Bob's Grandpa Visits

Disc 4 Edit

  1. Bob's Christmas Cards/Naughty or Nice
  2. Larry, You're Grounded/Bob's Bad Day

Disc 5 Edit

  1. Dognapper/The Big Lie
  2. Larry did it Bob did it/Time-Out

Disc 6 Edit

  1. Mr. Nezzer's Bullying Club/No More Mr. Nice Guy
  2. Locked In Detention/ Homework Crisis

Disc 7 Edit

  1. Larry's Bad Grade/ Bob and Larry Cheat In Class
  2. No Easter Candy/ Where Is The Bus
  3. Larry, the Troublemaker/Caught Red Handed

Disc 8 Edit

  1. The stolen hat/The Mystery of the Cookie Crook
  2. Expelled/ Bob's Uncle visits

Disc 9 Edit

  1. The ruined tea party/ Mr. Nezzer gets arrested
  2. Mr. Lunt's Cooking/ Larry's comic collection

Disc 10 Edit

  1. Cat fight/Bob and Larry's Bee Sting
  2. Stormy Weather/Sick Day

Disc 11 Edit

  1. Rules are rules/No slacking allowed
  2. Larry's tantrum/Archibald's doctor appointment

Disc 12 Edit

  1. The Tomato Who Couldn't Walk/Emotion commotion
  2. Larry goes swimming/Bob's Skiing Adventure

Disc 13 Edit

  1. How Mr. Nezzer Stole Christmas (TV special)
  2. The missing camera/Family Feud

Disc 14 Edit

  1. Happy Valentine's Day/Bob's Date
  2. No TV for a week/computer trouble
  3. Mother's Day Celebration/Choir Class

Disc 15 Edit

  1. The Big Math Test/Tuba or Not Tuba
  2. The Fire Drill/No Smoking

Disc 16 Edit

  1. Junior's Nightmare/ The Veggie Air Force
  2. Mr. Nezzer, the Diabetic/ The Dog Chase

Disc 17 Edit

  1. The Written Report/ Happy Birthday Larry
  2. Laura's Assembly/ No recess today

Disc 18 Edit

  1. Bob gets a cat/ Jailbreak
  2. The Science Presentation/ Archibald's Halloween

Disc 19 Edit

  1. Madame Blueberry's Cake/ Cookies and Ice Cream
  2. Call the Cops/ Stealing is Wrong

Disc 20 Edit

  1. The Blizzard/ Bob's Sing Along Show
  2. The Christmas Concert/ Hanukkah Night

Disc 21 Edit

  1. Saturday School/ The Mystery of the Missing Shoe
  2. Teacher Trouble/ Held Back
  3. The Last Straw/ The Stolen Bicycle

Disc 22 Edit

  1. Escape from Prison/ Larry's Library Book
  2. Bob's Anxiety/ Crime and Grounding

Disc 23 Edit

  1. So Long Fluffy/ Flunked
  2. Tomato Punched/ Grandpa George Returns

Disc 24 Edit

  1. Grandpa George's Grandson/ Jack O' Lantern Crisis
  2. A Very Kooky Halloween

Disc 25 Edit

  1. Jason and Michelle's Visit/ The Wacky Rain and Snowstorm
  2. No Business like Snow Business/ Tomato V.S Cucumber

Disc 26 Edit

  1. Grandpa George's Backache/ Who Said That
  2. Pa Grape and the Bad Sneeze/ Hooray for Bob

Disc 27 Edit

  1. Larry's Bad Behavior/ No More Candy
  2. Hide and Squish/ Cupcake Catastrophe

Disc 28 Edit

  1. Turkeys and Pilgrims Beware/ The Unforgettable Science Quiz
  2. The Bet/ Dog and Cat Mystery
  3. Larry Gets Suspended/ Christmas Celebration

Disc 29 Edit

  1. No Such Luck/ Silly Songs with Larry (episode)
  2. Red Light, Green Light/ Larry's New Kitten

Disc 30 Edit

  1. Mr. Nezzer's Naughty Trick/ Zucchini Criminal
  2. Go Back to Jail Mr. Nezzer/ Bob's Interruption

Disc 31 Edit

  1. Jimmy's Puppy/ Jerry's Television Obsession
  2. Jerry's Halloween (TV special)

Disc 32 Edit

  1. Madame Blueberry's Predicament/ The Bad Stomachache
  2. Pancakes and Muffins/ Bob Gets the Flu

Disc 33 Edit

  1. Hospitalized/ Mr. Squashy Loses His Cool
  2. Bob and Larry's School Schedule/ Read Away

Disc 34 Edit

  1. To the Principal's Office/ Bob and Larry's Computer
  2. Santa Claus' Visit/ Candy Cane Catastrophe

Disc 35 Edit

  1. Bob and Larry's Valentine's Day Special (TV special)
  2. French Pea Lies/ Go to Your Room French Peas
  3. The New Baby/ Questions and Answers

Disc 36 Edit

  1. The Milk Mystery/ Junk Food V.S Healthy Food
  2. Bob the Tomato's Missing Lunchbox/ Mr. Nezzer Gets Expelled

Disc 37 Edit

  1. Fluffy Comes Back/ Unlock the door
  2. Grandpa George Gets the Cold/ Grandpa George's Chest Ache

Disc 38 Edit

  1. Grandpa George's Holiday Celebration (TV special)
  2. The Stolen Bubbles/ House Arrest

Disc 39 Edit

  1. Rumors Can Hurt/ Gone Too Soon
  2. Grandpa George's Funeral,,, Or not/ Welcome Back Grandpa George

Disc 40 Edit

  1. Mr. Nezzer's Detention Duration/ The Human Body Science Test.
  2. The Absence of Mr. Squashy/ Choir Catastrophe

Disc 41 Edit

  1. Phone Confiscation/ Archibald Tries Again
  2. Potty Trained/ Please Share Larry

Disc 42 Edit

  1. Week with Grandparents/ Healthfully Ever After
  2. Bob's Allergy/ Peanut Awareness

Disc 43 Edit

  1. Emphysema Awareness/ Football Flags
  2. Pass Interference/ Automatic Disqualifications

Disc 44 Edit

  1. The Great Ski Race/ Green is the New Black
  2. Archibald's Vision Problem/ Bob's Black Eye

Disc 45 Edit

  1. Bowling Madness/ Sorry, No School Today
  2. Mr. Nezzer's Negative Attitude/ No Presents for Naughty Veggies

Disc 46 Edit

  1. Mr. Squashy's Depression/ Mr. Jerrycone Is Back
  2. Bob's Birthday/ Larry's Expulsion

Disc 47 Edit

  1. Larry Sneaks to School/ Grounded Forever
  2. What Is That Stench/ Promise Broken

Disc 48 Edit

  1. Bob's Bad Manners/ Poisoning is Not a Laughing Matter
  2. The Halloween Bandit/ Clown Chaos

Disc 49 Edit

  1. Grandpa George Gets Heart Disease/ Get Well
  2. Annie Gets the Gimmies/ Please be thankful

Disc 50 Edit

  1. Larry's Hiccups/ It's Not Easy Being Red
  2. Merry Christmas Grandpa George.

Disc 51Edit

  1. Bob and Larry's Football Team/Cruel and Unusual Punishment
  2. The Firework Display/ No More Crazy Bus Larry

Disc 52Edit

  1. You Can't Handle the Truth/Actions Have Consequences
  2. Nerves of Steal/Bob Gets Lost

Disc 53Edit

  1. The Missing Goldfish/ Stop Mr. Nezzer
  2. The Missing Halloween Candy/ Bad Dog

Disc 54Edit

  1. Larry the Tattletale/ The Growing Apple Tree
  2. Bob Gets A Job/ Kicked Out

Disc 55Edit

  1. Goodbye Mr. Singalot/ Bob and the case of the Wet Book
  2. Reindeer and Snowman Abroad/ The Return of Bus Saw Louie

Disc 56 Edit

  1. Eat your Green Beans Mr. Nezzer/ The Checkup
  2. Jimmy and the Goldfish/ Bob and Larry's Talent Show

Disc 57 Edit

  1. Bob Gets Stage Fright/ The Huge Language Arts Test
  2. The Band Played On/ Go to Sleep

Disc 58 Edit

  1. Carnival Fun/ The Stray Dog
  2. Get Out Mr. Nezzer/ Grandpa George Goes Shopping

Disc 59 Edit

  1. Ghosts and Goblins and Witches/ Sold Out
  2. Bob's Thanksgiving (TV special)

Disc 60 Edit

  1. The Eclipse/ The Winter Games
  2. Christmas Shopping/ Too Much Candy Canes

Trivia Edit

  • Season 1 has the PBS Kids P Pals logo left intact, season 2 has the PBS Kids Dot running or Dash thinking PBS Kids logos, seasons 3 and 4 have the PBS Kids Dash Transformation (caveman, scuba diver, and robot) or Dot Transformation (tiger, octopus, and astronaut) logos, and season 5 onwards use the PBS Kids Fishbowl (with Dash looking into the fishbowl, turning into an orange fish, and then getting swallowed by a green fish named Dot) or Snowglobe (with Dash ice skating, and Dot holding a snowglobe, after being revealed he is inside a snowglobe)
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