On July 25, 2006, Lions Gate Home Entertainment, Cookie Jar, and the Sesame Workshop released VeggieTales Kids: School Is Fun on DVD, containing 2 season 1 episodes, 3 season 3 episodes, 2 season 6 episodes, and 1 season 8 episode.

Episodes Edit

  1. Ice Cream Madness
  2. Bob's Christmas Cards
  3. The Fire Drill
  4. The Written Report
  5. Happy Birthday Larry
  6. The Milk Mystery
  7. Rumors Can Hurt
  8. It's Not Easy Being Red

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first DVD to use the new Lionsgate logo, which also was used on the DVDs of Clifford's Puppy Days: Puppy Sports Spectacular, and Clifford The Big Red Dog: Growing Up With Clifford, both of which came out the same day as this DVD.
  • This is the last DVD to use the Deluxe Digital Studios grid logo from 2005-2006 at the end.
  • This released 4 days before the VeggieTales episode LarryBoy and the Bad Apple released on DVD .

Goofs/Errors Edit

  • At the end of the DVD, after the funding, it uses the Fishbowl variant of the PBS Kids logo with the audio from the 1999 Dot variant, due to an editing mistake. This also happens on TV airings of Larry's Hiccups/It's Not Easy Being Red, but the VHS and DVD of A New Veggie In Town uses the correct audio for the Fishbowl variant.
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