On April 17, 2001, Artisan, Family Home Entertainment Kids, CINAR, and the Sesame Workshop released VeggieTales Kids Music Everywhere and A Healthy Veggie Is A Happy Veggie on DVD, containing 2 season 1 episodes, 2 season 2 episodes, and 4 season 3 episodes.

Episodes Edit

  1. Where Is The Bus
  2. Choir Class
  3. Tuba or Not Tuba
  4. Laura's Assembly
  5. Bob's Bad Day
  6. Bob and Larry's Bee Sting
  7. Mr. Nezzer, the Diabetic
  8. No Smoking

Trivia Edit

  • The VHS release of Music Everywhere was released 5 months earlier on November 28, 2000, and A Healthy Veggie Is A Happy Veggie was released earlier this year on February 6, 2001.
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