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VeggieTales At The Seaside is a complication video with original scenes.

Contents Edit

  1. Scene 1
  2. Larry's Lagoon from God Wants Me To Forgive Them?!
  3. The Pirates That Don't Do Anything from Very Silly Songs
  4. Scene 2
  5. Lyle the Kindly Viking (segment)
  6. Oh, Santa from The Toy That Saved Christmas
  7. Scene 3
  8. The Gourds Must Be Crazy from Are You My Neighbor
  9. The Song of the Cebu
  10. Scene 4

Scenes Edit

Scene 1 Edit

Bob and Larry arrive to the beach on the sunny day. They look around, and Bob comments on how it seems like everyone else had the same idea as them. The French Peas walk to their spot and teases Larry about his day dreaming in Larry's Lagoon. Bob explains to the viewers that he is going to attempt to get the French Peas to stop teasing Larry as Larry's Lagoon and Dance of the Cucumber plays.

Scene 2 Edit

Bob explains to the viewers that he was able to convince the French Peas to stop teasing Larry. Archibald walks over and tells them how he felt about the French Peas ruining his show back in Lyle the Kindly Viking. Bob explains to Archibald how people need forgive others for the misdeeds they have done to them. Archibald agrees to this and invites Bob and Larry to join him at his spot on the beach with Lovey.

Scene 3 Edit

Bob and Larry have successfully moved next to Archibald's spot. Larry notices how Archibald is blue, and Larry asks Archibald about this. Archibald explains to Larry how he use to judge him for being silly for nearly a decade. He addresses to Larry that he feels terrible about it, and how he stop judging him after the events of Rumor Weed. Archibald and Larry forgive each other.

Scene 4 Edit

Bob, Larry, Archibald, and Lovey are in a ice-cream shop. Bob explains to the viewers that it started to rain and they left the beach. Larry explains how he had a great time even know the French Peas teased him. Archibald tells Larry how he is thankful for Larry's forgiveness. Lovey adds that she was glad Larry and Archibald were great sports as well. Bob informs the viewers that they are out of time, and tells the viewers that God made them special and He loves them every much. All four say goodbye.

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