VeggieTales is the Spaniard dub of said show, in the Spanish language. Dialogue and titles are translated from the Brazilian Portuguese dubs.

The series was dubbed in 1996 and 2004-2006 in Madrid at Telson. A new dub was produced in the same city at the studio Abaira from 2007-2008.

Translations and VoicesEdit

English Name Spanish Name Spanish Voice Actor
Bob the Tomato Bob el Tomate Salvador Aldeguer (1st and 2nd dubs)
Francisco Andrés Valdivia (3rd dub; speaking)
Ferrán González (3rd dub; singing)
Larry the Cucumber Larry el Pepino Álex Saudinós (1st and 2nd dubs)
Luis Bajo (3rd dub)
Junior Asparagus Júnior Espárrago Francisco Andrés Valdivia (1st and 2nd dubs, speaking)
Isacha Mengíbar (1st and 2nd dubs, singing)
Montse Herranz (3rd dub)
Laura Carrot Laura Zanahoria Cristina Yuste (1st and 2nd dubs)
Yolanda Gil (3rd dub)
Archibald Asparagus Archibaldo Espárrago Juan Perucho (1st dub, speaking)
José Javier Serrano (1st dub, singing)
Antonio Medina (2nd dub)
Alfonso Laguna (3rd dub)
Madame Blueberry Madame Blueberry Pilar Coronado (2nd dub)
María Jesús Varona (3rd dub)
Mr. Lunt Sr. Dientecito José Escobosa (1st and 2nd (speaking) dubs)
Francisco Andrés Valdivia (2nd dub, singing)
Juan Perucho (3rd dub)
Mr. Nezzer Sr. Nosor Salvador Aldeguer (1st and 2nd dubs)
Juan Fernández Mejías (3rd dub)
Jimmy Gourd Jimmy Calabaza Juan Fernández Mejías (1st dub)
Francisco Andrés Valdivia (2nd dub)
Jesús Barreda (3rd dub)
Jerry Gourd Jerry Calabaza Alberto Closas Jr. (1st dub)
Jorge Teixeira (2nd dub)
Álex Saudinós (3rd dub)
Scooter Carrot Scooter Zanahoria Miguel Ángel Montero (1st dub)
Salvador Aldeguer (2nd dub)
Antonio García Moral (3rd dub)
Pa Grape Pa Uva Alberto Closas Jr. (1st and 2nd dubs)
Eduardo del Hoyo (3rd dub)
Jean-Claude Pea Jean-Claude Guisante Iván Muelas (1st and 2nd dubs, speaking)
Daniel Sánchez (2nd dub, singing)
José Escobosa (3rd dub)
Phillipe Pea Phillipe Guisante Álex Saudinós (2nd and 3rd dubs)
Petunia Rhubarb Petunia Ruibarbo Mar Bordallo
Dad Asparagus Papá Espárrago Salvador Aldeguer (1st and 2nd dubs)
Miguel Zúñiga (3rd dub)
Mom Asparagus Mamá Espárrago Ana María Marí (1st and 2nd dubs)
Silvia Gambino (3rd dub)
The Scallions Las Cebolletas Jordi Pons (Scallion #1; 1st dub)
Antonio Medina (Scallion #1; 2nd dub)
Alfonso Laguna (Scallion #1; 3rd dub)
Silly Song Announcer Anunciador de las canciones divertidas Miguel Zúñiga (1st dub)
Daniel Sánchez (2nd dub)
Juan Perucho (3rd dub)

Additional voices (Telson): Luis Bajo

Additional voices (Abaira): Montserrat Ros

Other CharactersEdit

English Name Spanish Name Voice Actor
Ma Grape Ma Uva Francisco Arenzana (1st dub)
Montse Herranz (2nd dub)
Silvia Gambino (3rd dub)
Tom Grape Tom Uva Víctor Gómez (1st dub)
Luis Bajo (2nd dub)
Marco Mete (3rd dub)
Rosie Grape Rosie Uva Miriam Valencia (1st dub)
Ariadna Jiménez (2nd dub)
Lourdes Fabrés (3rd dub)
Henry the Potato Henry la Patata Carlos Revilla (1st dub)
Luis Bajo (2nd dub)
Antonio Fernández Sánchez (3rd dub)
Lovey Asparagus Lovey Espárrago Elisabet Bargalló (1st dub)
Marta Padován (2nd dub)
Isacha Mengíbar (3rd dub)
Rafael Turia (1st dub)
Javier Balas (2nd dub)
Rafael Alonso Naranjo Jr. (3rd dub)
Goliath Goliat Juan Fernández Mejías (1st dub)
Pablo Adán (2nd dub)
Javier Blázquez (3rd dub)
Buzz-Saw Louie Louie Sierra Circular Luis Bajo (2nd dub)
Javier Balas (3rd dub)
Lenny Carrot Lenny Zanahoria Vicky Martínez (1st dub)
Ariadna Jiménez (2nd dub)
Montse Herranz (3rd dub)
Esther Ester Ana Pallejà (2nd dub)
Lidia Camino (3rd dub)
Grandma Nezzer Abuela Nosor Lucía Esteban (2nd dub)
Charo Soria (3rd dub)
Hope Esperanza Francesca Patiño
Ariadna Jiménez (2nd dub)
Isacha Mengíbar (3rd dub)
Stranger Extraño Luis Grau (2nd dub)
Javier Viñas (3rd dub)

Title reader (Telson): Miguel Campos
Title reader (Abaira): Héctor Gómez

Audio CommentariesEdit

Name Voice Actor
Phil Vischer Salvador Aldeguer
Mike Nawrocki Álex Saudinós

How to DrawEdit

Name Voice Actor
Tim Hodge Miguel Campos
Tom Owens Alberto Closas Jr.
Greg Hardin Javier Blázquez


  • Dodge Ball City: Ciudad de la Bola Perdida
  • Okie-Dokie Corral: Corral Okie-Dokie
  • Silly Songs with Larry: Canciones Tontas con Larry (1st dub)/Canciones Divertidas con Larry (2nd-3rd dubs)
  • Stuff-Mart: Supermercado
  • Qwerty: Qwerty (1st dub)/Micro (2nd-3rd dubs)






  • Música para Cristo (Christian bookstores)
  • Planeta DeAgostini (2nd and 3rd dubs; mass markets)


1st dubEdit

  • Canal+ (1996-1997)
  • Minimax (1997-1998)
  • Canal Panda (1999)

2nd dubEdit

  • Antena 3 (2004-2007) (aired alongside Los Amigos VeggieTales)
  • GreenWarp (2004-2007) (switched to the 3rd dub when it premiered on Telecinco)

3rd dubEdit

Dub CreditsEdit

1st dubEdit

  • Direction: Salvador Aldeguer
  • Translation: Pablo del Hoyo

2nd dubEdit

  • Direction: Salvador Aldeguer
  • Translation: Virginia Almarcha
  • Editing: Pablo del Hoyo

3rd dubEdit

  • Direction and editing: Mar Bordallo
  • Translation: Sally Templer


  • When dubbing this version, both Telson and Abaira reportedly watched both the dub they were given and the original version.
    • To support this, the letters and their senders are kept from the English version.
      • Because of this, a pamphlet is included on all home video releases, saying, "Antes de ver VeggieTales con tus hijos, hágales entender los nombres, cidades y estados de los Estados Unidos que hablan los personajes."
        • An example of an entry from this is "Phil Winklestein es el verdadero nombre de Frankenstapio, y él vive en Toledo," which appeared on the original VHS of Where's God When I'm S-Scared? and the double feature release containing it and God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!
        • A pronunciation guide was also included in the pamphlet to help Spaniards pronounce the American names as well.
    • Some lines in the theme song are also sung like the original.
  • Just like the 1st Latin Spanish and Indonesian dubs, all singing parts in Dance of the Cucumber (except for the ending) are left undubbed, being acknowledged by the announcer claiming Bob translates the song into English.
  • In real life, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything was really given a European Spanish dub: its title can be found in the Movies section.
    • Mar Bordallo did have real life connections with VeggieTales, as she voiced Eloise in and directed and edited the dub of the movie.
      • Many other voice actors from the 3rd dub also voiced their characters in the movie as well.
  • Some of the characters' voices are closer to the English version in Telson's dubs, especially Larry's. This was due to the studio needing their voice actors to improve on the Brazilian voices, with Salvador Aldeguer referring to them in an interview after dubbing Are You My Neighbor? for the first dub as "annoying" and "downright horrible compared to the English voices."
    • He also referred to the note sung for the final syllable in the 1st Brazilian dub's theme song as "inaccurate" compared to the English version.
  • Unlike the 1st Brazilian dub of The Hairbrush Song, the narrator's dialogue is properly edited, with Pablo del Hoyo stating, "You could hardly even hear the characters whenever he spoke. Before Bob appeared, he'd mostly talk over the singing and didn't even introduce the song either."
    • The Silly Song title is also entirely in Spanish, as Pablo hated how "Silly Songs" was unreasonably left in English.
  • Qwerty's name is consistent throughout every episode in the 3rd dub, as Virginia Almarcha (the translator from the 2nd dub) visited Abaira and gave Sally Templer specific instructions on what to do when translating the scripts.
    • Mr. Nezzer also only has one name in the dub, as it is consistent throughout the back covers and DVD subtitles, regardless of the episode.
  • The reason for Abaira redubbing the series was because Antonio Medina (Archibald's voice actor from the second dub) filed a lawsuit against Telson for not paying him royalties over the use of his voice in Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie and An Easter Carol (he was supposed to be paid €3,000 for the former and €100 for the latter), stating that even if his role in the latter was minor, he should still get the royalties he needs.
    • Another reason was because Pablo Adán (Goliath's voice actor from said dub) and Javier Balas (Christophe's voice actor from said dub) complained they were underpaid compared to the other voice actors (Pablo was paid €500 instead of €1,500, and Javier was paid €100 instead of €250). After A Snoodle's Tale was dubbed and released in 2006, Pablo made a legal threat to Telson to give him full royalties or suffer the same fate Antonio dealt against them. Upon this, they paid him and Javier the remaining amount of royalties and quit dubbing the series, fearing the other voice actors would threaten legal action against them.
      • In 2007, after these two incidents, Big Idea España invited Telson to extend the 2nd dub by dubbing episodes that were planned to be done in the 3rd Brazilian dub, but they refused due to fears that further legal action would be taken against them by the voice actors, leading to Abaira creating a whole new dub (although certain translations are reused from the 2nd dub).
  • In addition to Spanish and English audio and subtitles, Brazilian Portuguese audio and subtitles are included on the DVDs. This makes sense, as all three of the European Spanish dubs used a Portuguese-Spanish translation (with a few hints of the English script as mentioned above).
  • Unlike the 2nd Brazilian dub, Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen has the version of "Lost Puppies" played during the credits dubbed in European Spanish.
  • Unlike the Brazilian releases, both the Christian bookstore and mass market editions of the double features have the episodes uncut.
    • Gideon: Tuba Warrior is also uncut as well, containing the countertops and the George Mueller story.


Home videoEdit


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