A Creepypasta By BoyInCharge55

I spotted a VeggieTales VHS on my bed when I woke up. It was under the pillow, so I got it out, turned on the playroom lights, and put it there.

Later on...Edit

I put the tape in my TV and watched it. However, there was only an FBI Warning, followed by the intro. The VHS was damaged throughout the whole intro. It was so bad I got the Panasonic blue screen thrice.

The programEdit

I saw Bob the Tomato, and Larry the Cucumber. Bob said "Hi kids, and welcome to't...breathe." Larry looked at Bob. There was an anvil on Bob. He said, "" Larry did just that. He got kidnapped by Junior Asparagus. Why would Junior do such a thing?

It then went to Silly Songs with Larry. This time, it did not show Larry. The text read "Si So Wi La" instead of the full text. The announcer said, "And now it's Si So Wi La-" before he collapsed. SSWL ended there.

Then, it went to the QWERTY segment. QWERTY was broken, with multiple cracks, a gunshot, a broken mouse, and a broken keyboard.

Somehow, there was no verse. Bob was about to say "I can fart on the countertop", but before he said "-tertop", the tape ended abruptly.

When the tape ended...Edit

I distorted my house.



  • NOTE: This story was originally made up by BoyInCharge55. He originally rewrote it because the original story that was on Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki was lost. Today, he managed to find it while looking at its revision histories and put it on here.
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