Do you like to talk to tomatoes? Does a squash make you smile? Do you like to waltz with potatoes up and down the produce aisle? Or do you wonder what happened to the cast and crew of Veggietales and how their lives are now? Well, in this new series, join the kids of Bob, Larry, Junior, and the whole cast that you love on even more adventures and even more lessons! Plus, you get more episodes and one extra movie, along with another series after the whole thing!

Characters Edit

  • Bob Jr the Tomato
  • Poppi the Cucumber
  • Jessica Asparagus-Mon
  • Morty Asparagus-Mon
  • Devyn Carrot
  • Jack Gourd
  • Jake Gourd
  • Aurora the Spinning Wheel (They call her Briar Rose)
  • Henry Banks
  • Miss Lunt
  • Patrick Nezzer
  • Grace Rhubarb
  • Grace Cucumber
  • Sweetie Pea
  • Éto the Starfruit
  • Lawrence Rhubarb
  • Berry the Blueberry
  • And many more!

Episodes/Movies + Bobboy Specials Edit

  1. Where’s God When I’m S-Scared
  2. God Wants Me to Forgive them
  3. The Christmas Spirit (crossover with many franchises; technically 2 and a half)
  4. Are You Our Neighbor
  5. The Little VeggieMaid
  6. Rack, Shack, Tyler, and Bonnie
  7. Davey, Darla, and the Giant Pickle
  8. The Droid That Saved Christmas
  9. A VeggieKids Christmas Party
  10. A Very VeggieKids Sing-a-Long
  11. Bobboy and the Fib from Outer Space
  12. Jane and the Big Wall
  13. Poppirella
  14. Madame Berry (get it?)
  15. A Very VeggieKids Sing-a-Long 2 (totally different from the original)
  16. Bobboy and the Rumor Weed
  17. Bobboy and the Spinning Wheel Curse
  18. Queen Gloria and the Ducky
  19. Patricia: The Girl Who Became Queen (I star in it!)
  20. Lyle and Lexi: The Kindly Vikings
  21. The Corruption of Steven (basically Steven Universe, but with vegetables)
  22. The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown
  23. Jonah Sing-Along Songs and More
  24. Jonah: A VeggieKids Movie
  25. Bobboy; Bobboy and the Angry Eyebrows
  26. Bobboy; Lego my Ego
  27. Bobboy; The Yoddlenapper
  28. Bobboy; The Good, Bad, and Eggly
  29. The Legend of the... (you have to guess here. I'm not saying it.)
  30. The Star of Christmas
  31. Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment
  32. The Ballad of Little Jazz (not the type of music)
  33. A VeggieKids Easter
  34. An Easter Carol
  35. A Snoodle’s Tale
  36. Sumo of the Opera
  37. Tomaladdin Jr (don't ask)
  38. Bob Jr and Poppi’s How to Draw (don't ask. Again)
  39. Duchess and the Great Chocolate War
  40. Mississippi Poppi and the Search for Samson’s Hairbrush
  41. The Pirates and the Flower
  42. Lessons from the Sock Drawer
  43. Lord of the Beans (Mr Lunt: My precious!)
  44. The Bob Jr and Poppi Movie (all my script! No source material from Big Idea!)
  45. Poppi’s Fairytale Adventure (You can ask here)
  46. Sherluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler
  47. Bobboy and the Bad Apple
  48. Gloria: Sousaphone Warrior
  49. The Enchanting Orchard (was asked to use in advance)
  50. God Made You Special
  51. Mary and the Big Exit (Little Jazz part 2)
  52. The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s
  53. The Pirates’ Sing-a-Long Songs (You don't give us a script, you take what you get, my friend.)
  54. The Pirates who Don’t do Anything: A VeggieKids Movie
  55. Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Poppi’s Big River Rescue
  56. Abe and the Amazing Promise
  57. Death is a Serious Thing (originally made by CoolHungryYoshi)
  58. God Loves You Very Much
  59. Mississippi Poppi and the Search for Noah’s Umbrella
  60. Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving (Mr Nezzer: I already gave!)
  61. The Gift of the Magi
  62. Lettuce Love One Another
  63. Pistachio and Pinky: The Little Twins who Woodn’t
  64. Tomato Red (VeggieKids version of SweetPea Beauty)
  65. The Sleeping Veggie (I actually made this story, but need some help to post it here. I'm scared.)
  66. It’s a Meaningful Life
  67. Bob Jr Lends a Helping Hand
  68. Poppi Learns to Listen
  69. Scarlet Starts a Job
  70. VeggieKids Live: Sing Yourself Silly
  71. Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too
  72. T’was The Night Before Easter
  73. Bunnies and Poppies (Was originally named Bobeo and Poppiette)
  74. Princess and the Popstar
  75. The Little Drummer Twins
  76. Raven Good and her Not-So-Merry Ladies
  77. VeggieKids meets ShapeTales (Crossover! And, I'm able to contact the crew.)
  78. The Penniless Prince
  79. League of Incredible Vegetables
  80. The Little House that Stood
  81. Chainsaw Patdroid and the Fandroid Terminator (Best not to ask)
  82. MacPoppi and the Soggy Cake Battle
  83. Merry Poppi and the True Light of Christmas
  84. Veggies in Space: The Final Fruitear (Buh-dum-crash!)
  85. A Trip Down Memory Lane (Look at one of the episodes above for guessing)
  86. Celery Night Fever
  87. Beauty and the Beet
  88. Noah’s Ark
  89. If I Sang a Silly Song
  90. Lillian the First (Basically Sofia the First pilot episode, but with vegetables)

VeggieKids In The House Edit

This is the first spin-off of VeggieKids. The lessons stay the same, but aren't in the same manner as the original. They give the full length episodes, being 11-30 minutes, while also not going over the top with comedy. {Link}

VeggieKids In The City Edit

This is the second spin-off of VeggieKids. It's kinda like the first spin-off, but with fewer episodes. Also, we get something special towards the end. You'll have to wait and see. {Link}

The VeggieKids Show Edit

This is technically a revival of VeggieKids, but is really the third spin-off of the show. Poppi has more of a motherly figure and more relationships have started to come through. {Link}

VeggieKids: The Final Movie Edit

In this movie, we get the continued story that happens after the third spin-off. Bob Jr and Poppi go on one of their biggest adventures of their lives. They have to use all the lessons they learned and use it for everyday uses and find their true ending....until the final spin-off. {Link}

VeggieKids: High School Years Edit

In this final spin-off of VeggieKids, Poppi has a series of dreams about the main characters in high school and finally decides to conquer her lone-life fear of the past. By the end of the series, she and Bob Jr finally have one more child, a hermaphrodite cucumber-tomato hybrid, ready to enjoy their lives together, no longer fearing the past. {Link}

Trivia Edit

  • This spin-off of Veggietales deals with more modern topics in our current world, but still manages to keep the PG rating and stick to God.
  • Most of the episodes are remade from the original run of Veggietales, but there's more added with special episodes and an additional spin-off.
  • This series has one of the biggest crossovers in it's lifetime, and for a fact that marriage is an important part with the relationship of the hosts, it had to be canon to VeggieKids alone and none of the other programs in it.
  • In one of the movies, Archibald eats his bow tie. This is referred to a fan made episode's Behind the Scenes bloopers, where Archibald states that he would eat his bow tie if the series would happen. Looks like karma came to bite back in the gem!
  • Speaking of gem, in this series, and my AU, Archibald is half gem, although only his youngest children gain this gem.
  • Gender equality gets mentioned throughout the entire series, and is shown through a few characters.
  • Some episodes had to be changed because of relationships, special episodes, movies, or real life events.
  • All the characters age normally with real time, thus, letting them join the series naturally as extras or main stars.
  • Even though that VeggieKids might become a real show with its potential, it's only meant to be fan made, but I, Patricia Vernor, will allow people to use the transcripts of the episodes to make voiced storyboards on YouTube.
  • Also, before anyone says it, not all the characters or episode ideas are mine. Especially with that crossover! Making that clear for anyone to see.
  • All the transcripts will be put on DeviantArt and I can clearly tell that there's some mistakes. That happens. If there's mistakes in a transcript you want to use for video use, let me know and I can tell you what I meant from that.
  • Final thing, God and Jesus WILL be shown as veggies in this continuation. I'm sorry, Phil and Mike, but my ideas are different than yours, and stories will run more smoothly. Especially in one episode.

Closing thought Edit

Well, this is one of the longest things I wrote for this wiki. I promise to get more content out, especially with the episode where Archibald's blooper is at. Remember, God made you special, and He loves you very much.

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