This currently unnamed Book of Mormon Christmas special is part of VeggieTales' Book of Mormon Project. As suggested, it tells the story of the first Christmas in America. 

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Bob and Larry travel back in time to the ancient Americas. Bob tells the history of the people: after the death of Lehi, his descendants were divided into two groups; those who followed his youngest son Nephi were called Nephites, and they were a righteous and industrious people who obeyed God. Those who followed Lehi's two oldest sons Laman & Lemuel were called Lamanites; they were a lazy & wicked people, & they had wars with the Nephites. As centuries went on, however, things kind of went in reverse for these two groups; while many of the Nephites became wicked & prideful, the Lamanites obeyed God commandments & became more righteous than the Nephites. 

Samuel, a Lamanite prophet, travels to a city called Zarahemla to preach to the wicked Nephites, commanding them to repent. But the Nephites won't listen to Samuel & throw him out of the city. Just as he is about to return to his own land, the Lord tells Samuel to return to Zarahemla & tell the people the things that the Lord will put into his heart.

Samuel obeys the Lord & returns to Zarahemla. Since the Nephites will not let Samuel back into the city, he climbs to the top of the city wall & preaches from there. He prophesies that the Nephites will be destroyed in 400 years unless the people repent & have faith in Jesus Christ. Samuel tells the Nephites that Jesus Christ will be born in five years & that he will save all those who believe in him. He then tells them about the signs of Jesus’ birth: a new star will appear, & the night before Jesus will be born it will not get dark. Then Samuel tells them the signs of Jesus’ death: there will be three days of total darkness—the sun, moon, & stars will not shine; there will also be thunder & lightning & earthquakes; mountains will crumble, & many cities will be destroyed.

Some Nephites believe Samuel & repent of their sins. The rest of the Nephites, however, do not believe Samuel & they threw rocks & shot arrows at him. But the Lord protects Samuel, & none of the rocks or arrows hit him. When the people see he can not be hit, many more believe him. Most of them, however, still won't believe Samuel & try to capture him but he jumps down from the wall & runs to his own land. Once back home, Samuel begins teaching the Lamanites, & he is never heard of again among the Nephites.

Years pass by, & the Nephites see great signs & miracles that prophets had said will happen before Jesus Christ’s birth. But some Nephites say the time for Jesus’ birth had already passed; they proceed to mock those who still believe Samuel the Lamanite’s prophecies. The people who believe in Jesus Christ & in the prophets are sad to think that something might keep the prophecies from being fulfilled. Despite these doubts, the people watch faithfully for a night with no darkness, which is the sign that Jesus Christ will be born.

Those who do not believe in Jesus Christ choose a day to kill the believers if the sign does not happened. A prophet named Nephi becomes sad because of the wickedness of those who do not believe in the Savior, & so he prays all day for the people who are going to be killed. The Lord comforts Nephi & tells him that it will not get dark that night, & Jesus will be born the next day in Bethlehem.

That night the sun goes down, but it does not get dark. The sign of Jesus Christ’s birth had come, & the people are astonished. Those who had planned to kill the believers faint when they see the sign; they are afraid because they had been wicked, & now they know that the Savior will be born & that the prophets had been right. It stays light all night; when the sun comes up the next morning, the people know that Jesus Christ will be born that day. That same day, a new star appears in the sky, just as the prophets had said it would. The prophecies had been fulfilled.

Nephi & other Church leaders baptize all those who believe & repent. There are glad tidings in the land because the words of the prophets had been fulfilled. Jesus Christ had been born.

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