Bubbly bubble bubble rap

The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown 2.0 is a countdown of all of the silly songs ever made up to The Little House That Stood. This countdown is hosted by the Boyz in the Sink and is similar to the If I Sang a Silly Song countdown as well. It is a bit more modern kind of countdown too, with guest stars, techno background music, and more electronic aid.

Like the previous Ultimate Silly Song countdown, there is a song sung during the countdown, similar to Do the Moo Shoo from the first one. This song is called "Drop The Electronic Beat."

Order of Countdown

  • 38.Astonishing Wigs
  • 37.Best Friends Forever
  • 36.I Love My Lips
  • 35.Endangered Love
  • 34.Supper Hero
  • 33.The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
  • 32.Goodnight Junior
  • 31.Lost Puppies
  • 30.Sippy Cup
  • 29.Dance of the Cucumber
  • 28.Larry's High Silk Hat
  • 27.Donuts for Benny
  • 26.Do the Moo Shoo
  • 25.My Baby Elf
  • 24.Larry's Blues
  • 23.The Hopperana
  • 22.A Mess Down in Egypt
  • 21.Oh Santa!
  • 20.His Cheeseburger
  • 19.Rock Monster
  • 18.Sport Utility Vehicle
  • 17.Where Have All the Staplers Gone?
  • 16.The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps
  • 15.Sneeze If You Need To
  • 14.Song of the Cebu
  • 13.Kilts and Stilts
  • 12.Schoolhouse Polka
  • 11.The Water Buffalo Song
  • 10.Monkey
  • 9.Belly Button
  • 8.Gated Community
  • 7.Lance the Turtle
  • 6.The Hairbrush Song
  • 5.The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo
  • 4.Pants
  • 3.Bubble Rap
  • 2.Pizza Angel
  • 1.Happy Tooth Day
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