The Lord Wants Me to Accept Them!?! is the second episode of ShapeTales. The first story is a loose parody of "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck, while the second is a parody of "Gilligan's Island".



The Squares of Wrath

In the first segment, Pa Square is the father of a family of cranky squares, Th Squares of Wrath, who regularly name-call and insult each other. Upon crashing into a tree stump, the family get out of their vehicle and begin to tease Charlie Cylinder about his appearance. Charlie is then rescued by his dad (Dad Smiley) who explains to The Squares that it is not nice to pick on people and Charlie accepts their apology at his dad's urging. Jimmy and Alvin then try to figure out how many times one should forgive and Qwerty 2.0 shows the verse, Matthew 18:22 "Jesus answered 'I tell you not seven times, but seventy times seven.' [Mt. 18:21-22]. They asked the Squares what the answer was but couldn’t figure it out. When Rose figures out the answer to Qwerty 2.0's question (i.e. 490), the Squares ask for Charlie’s forgiveness and the "Squares of Wrath" are renamed "The Squares of Math".

Alvin's Beach

The second segment, "Alvin's Beach", parodies the first episode of the television classic Gilligan's Island. In this story, Alvin the Cone plays Gilligan, the ship's first mate who crashes and sinks the ship while daydreaming, thus marooning the passengers and crew on a deserted island. Due to this accident, the passengers hold a grudge against Alvin, despite his apology, which causes him to run away. However, Jimmy the Sphere, playing the part of The Skipper, realizes the error of their ways and the group forgives Alvin for stranding them. A coconut named Coco Bongo appears and congratulates everyone for their forgiveness and sings a Reggae-style song called "The Acceptness Song" about how important it is to always show forgiveness from your heart. The cast is finally able to escape the island on a bamboo helicopter cobbled together by The Professor (Dad Smiley).


  • Jimmy the Sphere as Bob the Tomato/The Skipper
  • Alvin the Cone as Larry the Cucumber/Gilligan
  • Qwerty 2.0 as Qwerty
  • Charile Cynder as Junior Asparagus
  • Dad Smiley as Dad Asparagus/The Professor
  • Pa Square as Pa Grape
  • Ma Square as Ma Grape
  • Thomas Square as Tom Grape
  • Rose Square as Rosie Grape
  • Lumiere Smiley as Archibald Asparagus/The Millionare
  • Plummette Smiley as Lovey Asparagus/The Millionare's Wife
  • Pyramid #1 as The Forgive-o-Matic Advertiser
  • Jackson the Miner as Potato Miner
  • Coco Bongo as Palmy the Palm Tree


  • ShapeTales Theme Song
  • The Sqaures of Wrath
  • Some Shapies Went to Sea
  • The Acceptness Song
  • What Have We Learned(ShapeTales Version)


ShapeTales-The Lord Wants Me To Accept Them!?!

ShapeTales-The Lord Wants Me To Accept Them!?!

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