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The Fearless VeggieTales: The Rift Between Our Worlds is a crossover role-playing video game developed by StormieCreater. It is a crossover between VeggieTales and StormieCreater's The Fearless Five.


Westerville and Bumblyberg are two different cities from two different worlds. However, when a tear rips through the skies of both these cities, they are sucked through, causing the two worlds to collide into a hodgepodge of a world called Rift City. Now, it is up to Persephone Collins and Larry the Cucumber to team up, rescue their friends, and restore their worlds before it is too late!


The player first plays as Persephone Collins, the main protagonist of The Fearless Five and lead singer of that titular band, who had been cast away to the Underground Realm. After saving Charlie Pincher from the Rift's Glitches, he gives Persephone a USB, which the player can name, that can save both their universes. From that point on, Charlie can contact Persephone throughout the game with any messages or hints. Persephone fights the enemies off on her own until she bumps into Larry, who got stuck in a stump in the Forest Realm, and she helps him pull him out. After a brief tutorial on how to use Larry, he and Persephone team up to find their closest friends, who have been banished to six of the realms. If you save a friend, they appear in the City Realm, where you can just chat with them about various topics.

After saving Larry and learning how to use him, Persephone is also given a phone, which allows her to call up friends in battle. Those saved from the different realms may appear on the list.


All throughout the game, to earn XPs, the player has to fight enemies called Rift Glitches that are scattered throughout the realms of the Rift. Each time the player touches an enemy, they go into a fight. If the player defeats it, they will gain XPs, and if enough XPs are gained, they get to level up. Sometimes, they can even collect gems. During the fight, the player can also earn damage if the enemy gets them without dodging. If the player's HP goes to zero, they pass out. Minor fights usually start when the player touches an enemy. Major fights start when the enemy obstructs the player's way so they have to fight it (and defeat it) in order to get through. The bigger the enemy is, the more gems they get to collect.

Special Skills Edit

Alter ego fighting Edit

There are also special moves you can do, where Larry dresses up as Larry-Boy and Persephone dresses as The Persephonator. After choosing a specific skill, the alter ego attacks the glitch with a significant damage level on the enemy.

Phone a friend Edit

You have the choice to phone a friend to help you fight in battle, but it drains your battery as a result. Different friends have different power ranks. The more powerful the friend is, the more battery it drains from your phone.


Across the realms, the player can collect either gems or items that come in small treasure boxes. There are also specific foods you can by from the City Realm that can help with your health.

Healing AidsEdit

Healing aids are items you can use to boost or revive your health.

  • Health Aid- Helps increase your HP
  • Life Aid- Revives the character


These foods help restore both HPs of Larry and Persephone

  • Cupcakes- restore 15 HPs
  • Bread- restores 20 HPs
  • Pizza- restores 40 HPs
  • Spaghetti- restores 60 HPs
  • Drumsticks- restores 80 HPs
  • French Toast- restores all HPs

Chargers Edit

Different types of portable chargers are also available to find in treasure chests across the realms

  • White Chargers- Charge 15%
  • Blue Chargers- Charge 20%
  • Green Chargers- Charge 50%
  • Purple Chargers- Charge 80%
  • Black Chargers- Charge 100%


Throughout the games, if you level up 10 times you go up a rank. The highest rank you can get is a star. This is a list of ranks from lowest to highest:

  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Club
  • Spade
  • Star


If you enter the City Realm of the Rift, you can shop to get items, soundtracks, or special moves. If you save Pa Grape, he will open a shop in the realm where you buy items.

Saving Edit

Once you reach a certain point in the game, there is a small cell tower you can plug your USB in and click the save button, which saves your game.



  • Persephone Collins
  • Larry the Cucumber

Allies from The Fearless FiveEdit

  • Sebastion Cordelli
  • Azul
  • Reggie
  • Derrik
  • Seleste
  • Phillip, Craig, and Dean
  • Sergei

Allies from VeggieTalesEdit

  • Bob the Tomato
  • Junior Asparagus
  • Jimmy Gourd
  • Jerry Gourd
  • Archibald Asparagus
  • Pa Grape
  • Charlie Pincher

Shopkeepers (From both worlds)Edit

  • Pa Grape (if you save him) -Healing Aids (any rank)
  • Laura Carrot, Junior Asparagus (when you save him), Maisy, Talia, Orville, Jasper, and Anais- Foods (any rank)
  • Donny and Gary- Special moves (any rank)
  • Gideon and Calliope- Chargers (any rank)
  • Petunia Rhubarb and Abbie- Foods (rank club exclusive)
  • Petal and Aisa- Healing Aids (rank club exclusive)
  • Scooter and Phineas- Special moves (rank club exclusive)
  • Wendy and Walter- Chargers (rank club exclusive, green and purple chargers added)
  • Madame Blueberry and Mr. Lunt- Foods (rank star exclusive)
  • The French Peas- Healing Aids (Rank star exclusive)
  • Axel and Kevin- Special moves (Star rank exclusive)
  • Blandi, Minerva, and Paris- Chargers (Star rank exclusive, black chargers added)


  • Grey Glitch
  • Green Glitch
  • Red Glitch
  • Blue Glitch
  • Purple Glitch
  • Midnight blue Glitch
  • Pink Glitch
  • Cyan Glitch
  • White Glitch
  • Lavender Glitch
  • Dark Grey Glitch
  • Lime Green Glitch
  • Black Glitch


  • Sandaracus
  • Addax
  • Tsunamus
  • Oberon
  • General Aches
  • Pompadourus
  • Frostbite
  • Norebo
  • Cumulonimbus
  • Discord
  • The Weedlings
  • The Mother Glitch


  • Underground Realm
  • Forest Realm
  • City Realm
  • Desert Realm
  • Water Realm
  • Hidden Realm
  • Lunar Realm
  • Sugar Realm
  • Beach Realm
  • Snow Realm
  • Lunar Realm (Dark Side)
  • Cloud Realm
  • Ruined Realm
  • Garden Realm
  • Dark Realm


  • This game was heavily inspired by the Mario and Luigi game franchise from Nintendo.
    • It was also inspired by the episode "The Console" from The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • This game takes on the 8-bit properties much like a JRPG game.

Available OnEdit

  • Xbox
  • Wii U
  • 3DS
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