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(October 19, 2015)


The sequel to The Bumblyburg Sing-Along Video. It is a sing-along video with a plot. It was originally called "The Bumblyburg Sing-Along Video 2" but was changed for unknown reasons. It is not changed on the cover art however. LarryBoy and Archibald host another sing-along video, but this time Motato has his eye on them.


LarryBoy and Archibald greet the viewers in the Larry Cave. LarryBoy also proves Archibald wrong because they did get a sequel for this sing-along. Meanwhile, in Motato's lair, he is ready to crash the party.

After "Lance the Turtle," Motato bursts into the Larry Cave, ready to destroy the fun. LarryBoy thinks this scenario seems familiar. Archibald agrees. LarryBoy thinks that Motato should stay and sing some songs. Motato wonders what good that will be. LarryBoy says to put down his freeze ray and to sit down and enjoy some sing-along songs.

After "You Are Truly Loved," Motato sees no good out of these songs. He pulls his freeze ray back out and threatens to push the freeze button. LarryBoy gets out his cell phone to call Officer Scooter. Unfortunately, there is no signal in the Larry Cave. Archibald doesn't know what to do.

After "Keep Walking," Bob comes into the Larry Cave, wondering where his lucky oven mitt went. Just then, he sees LarryBoy and Archibald cornered by Motato. Bob quickly turns into the Red Wonder and uses Motato's freeze ray against him. Bob already has Officer Scooter ready. Scooter takes away Motato, and Motato screams that they won't get away with this. LarryBoy says they only have time for a couple more songs. Archibald says to roll them.

After "Rock On LarryBoy," it's time to go. LarryBoy thanks the kids for joining them once again for a fantastic sing-along video. Everyone says goodbye. LarryBoy thinks a third sing-along is in the future. Archibald says he highly doubts it.


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