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(November 2, 2015)


Temptation Is Rotten to the Core is the ninth VeggieTales chapter book. It is published by Scholastic. It has 108 pages including black and white scenes from the episode throughout the book. The book is based off of "LarryBoy and the Bad Apple."

Book Description

A rather sour villain has arrived in Bumblyburg, and she's looking for nothing but trouble. Tempting trouble, that is. In order to make her Great Uncle Apply happy, she attempts to take out the town's strongest powers and create an inescapable fun house. It's up to LarryBoy to break the temptation spell and save the citizens of Bumblyburg!

Changes from the episode

  • The parody gang and the gated community are mentioned for some odd reason
  • Top Banana has a partner

Additions to the book

  • A whole new scene where Junior and Annie are walking to the candy store is added
  • It is revealed where the Bad Apple ends up after being flung away
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