T-Bot (also known as, T-Bot! A VeggieTales Movie) is a 2017 Live Action-CGI feature film based on the character from "Veggies In Space: The Fennel Frontier". MORE TO COME!


There's a new evil in Tootanny, and our only hope is... a female tour guide robot? That's right! Watch as Big Idea (Known for VeggieTales (And T-Bot, of course!)) and DreamWorks Animation (Known for Shrek) team up to bring you a movie starring everyone's favorite female tour guide robot, T-Bot! A evil mastermind kindnaps Luntar the Looter, Leader of Tootanny, and this evil mastermind plans to take over Tootanny! Only T-Bot can save Tootanny, but she'll need help from robots from time, space, and even the real world!


The film starts with the creation of T-Bot. It is revealed that T-Bot was made by Nezzer Bots Inc., along with the Ventrilomatic, and was made a tour guide. it was shipped to many places, including Tootanny. Years later, a week after the events from "Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier", the people of Tootanny are relieved to have been saved from the sun going supernova. Space Fleet, themselves, are taking a break from saving Tootanny, and are resting in the Tootanny hotel. and with thanks to his nephew Oliver, Luntar has learned to share. As for T-Bot, she is still tour guide of Tootanny.

One day later, in his lair, Luntar spots a shaded person with a similar shape. just when he is getting closer to him/her, the mysterious person call out for his/her minions and the minions surround Luntar and kidnap him. Meanwhile in another part of Tootanny, T-Bot is tour guiding some tourists, then notices Luntar's lair glowing. She halts the tour, and goes to the liar to investigate. More to be added!


  • This takes place after "Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier".


  • T-Bot
  • Mr. Lunt (Luntar the Looter)
  • The Ventrilomatic and Rusty
  • Buzz Saw Louie
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