Straeon Llysiau is the Welsh dub of VeggieTales. It was distributed from 1995-present on DVD and VHS by Word-Nelson and Word Music of the United Kingdom in Wales and was dubbed by Sain Recordiau.

Translations and Voices Edit

English Name Welsh Name Welsh Voice Actor
Bob the Tomato Bob y Tomato
Larry the Cucumber Leri y Ciwcymbr
Junior Asparagus Iau yr Asbaragws
Laura Carrot Lora y Moron
Jimmy Gourd Jimi y Sgwash
Jerry Gourd Jeri y Sgwash
Archibald Asparagus Ârgibald yr Asparagws
Mr. Nezzer Mr Nezyr
Mr. Lunt Mr Lynt
Pa Grape Tad Grawnwin
Grandpa George Tad-Cu Siôr
Annie Onion Eni Onion
Percy Pea Perci Pys


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