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(November 24, 2015)


Space Race! is the eleventh VeggieTales chapter book. It is published by Scholastic. It has 116 pages with black and white images throughout the book. It is based of off "Veggies In Space: The Fennel Frontier."

Book Description

Join the crew of the USS Applepies in one galaxy of an adventure! When a precious element called Mewantium is discovered, it's a race between the Applepies and Luntar the Looter to get this treasure. On board, Captain Cuke and Mr. Spork have tensions rising as well. Will everyone in this space chase learn what it means to share before everything turns into chaos?

Changes from the episode

  • All the songs are changed to dialogue
  • There is no mention of Scooter being a former member of the USS Applepies

Additions to the book

  • There are two new instances where Captain Cuke and Mr. Spork won't share. One is a video game, and the other is the steering wheel
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