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(August 9, 2020)


Songs From Junior's Room is a CD accompanying the DVD release of Stories From Junior's Room. It features songs from and inspired by the DVD.

Track Listing Edit

  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. Promised Land
  3. The Lord Has Given
  4. Keep Walking
  5. The Lord Has Given (Reprise)
  6. Promised Land (Reprise)
  7. The Blues With Larry
  8. We're Vikings
  9. What's Up With Lyle?
  10. Dear Monks
  11. Not So Fast
  12. Look Olaf!
  13. Share of Friends
  14. The Hairbrush Song
  15. The Great "I Am"
  16. Fanfare of Horns and Flashlights
  17. Asteroid Cowboys
  18. Goodnight Junior
  19. Song of the Cebu
  20. Larry's High Silk Hat
  21. Lance the Turtle
  22. Sport Utility Vehicle
  23. I Want To Dance (Disco Version)
  24. What We Have Learned (Bedtime Version)
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