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(August 7, 2019)

Seleste Little is a supporting character in The Fearless Five series. She is Persephone's former roommate and close friend.

Bio Edit

She first appears in Fearless, when Persephone moves into a dorm room with her. She was very shy to meet her at first, but as they got to know each other, she began to feel comfortable around her. She even got to go Tping with her and her other friends.

The only other time she appears in the movie is when Persephone packs up to go home. She thinks Persephone is leaving because of her, but Persephone embraces her and tells her that she is not the reason, and promises her an awesome new roommate, but the time the first semester starts.

Appearance Edit

Seleste is a humanoid with sky blue skin and long dark brown hair with matching eyes. She is seen wearing a blue grey hoodie with dark sleeves, outlining, and hood; cyan gym shorts with chartreuse outlining, dark grey tights, and dark blue boots.

Personality Edit

Seleste is shy and awkward. She has a hard time talking to people due to it giving her a bit of anxiety and awkwardness. However, with Persephone, she seemed to have a bit more confident in talking to her. Seleste is also small, in a metephorical way, due to her being the quietest out of Persephone's friends, other than Sergei. She usually speaks in a soft tone and has a soft spot for animals. She also has a major crush on Donny, but is too chicken to tell him, even though he reciprocates her feelings.

Seleste is an introvert, and prefers to spend her time by herself or with close friends.

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