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(July 29 2019)

Sebastion "Bash" Cordelli is a protagonist of the The Fearless Five series. He is Persephone's best friend and secret love interest. 

Bio Edit

Bash is Persephone's oldest and best friend.

He first appears in Fearless, looking after her and making sure their adventures were stress free. He is soon caught in a fire accident in the campus theater and is severely injured and taken to the hospital. However, he survives the fire. Later on, while having a falling out with Persephone, he soon discovers that her heart condition is still there, and worries for her. They manage to reconcile, and Bash gives her a motivating pep talk that allows her to successfully sing her song onstage.

In The Fearless Five Adventures, he retires from singing temporarily to go to Westerville U for his college admissions. In the series, he starts to become smitten with girls, especially Minerva, whom he is more in love with.

Appearance Edit

Bash is a humanoid-like person with mint green ski, messy light brown hair and blue grey eyes. He usually sports a dark grey T-shirt under a red flannel, jeans and black sneakers. 

Personality Edit

Bash is overall friendly, modest, cautious, and semi laid-back. He is also seems calmer than Persephone during situations where she feels anxious and does his best to help her feel secure. He cares about his family and friends, protecting them from whoever tries to hurt them. Bash also humbles himself, and usually replies with a shy chuckle, blushing, when he is complimented or flirted with. 

He also shares Persephone's goofy personality and enjoys being weird with her. He also enjoys making music with her, claiming he wrote a song with her back in grade school. However, Bash is more mature than Persephone, so he's the voice of reason out of the duo. 

Along with these traits, Bash is a sucker for girls, especially Minerva, and tries his best to look cool in front of them, though sometimes he has no luck. 

Trivia Edit

  • Several people have mistaken Bash as a smurf, but due to his lack of visible ears and skin color, that is not the case.
  • Bash is sometimes stereotyped as your honest-to-goodness good guy, such as Fix it Felix. Jr. or Mickey Mouse.
  • He is four months older than Persephone.
    • His birthday is April 30th
    • He's met Persephone on March 10th, a month before his first birthday.
  • His earlier designs had his hair smaller and less flamboyant.

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