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(July 30, 2019)

Reggie is a main character in The Fearless Five series. He is the pianist of the group.

Bio Edit

He is portrayed as Persephone's uptight, but caring friend in Fearless when he panics about only being two minutes early for the tour around campus. Later on, he records a song that Persephone had wrote on CD.

After escaping from a fire and realizing that Bash is severely injured, he stops by Persephone's house to pick her up then visit him.

Later on, he is seen TPing the Mertollini Brothers' dorm house, but is then caught in a toilet paper fight between the three boys, Persephone, and Seleste. He barely gets caught and escapes.

After finding out that the Mertollini Brothers have put together a live concert for their band, he agrees to do it, but when Persephone refuses to do so, he is angry and hurt. When Persephone then apologizes to them about her actions, due to them being in fear and anxiety, he hesitates, then forgives her.

At the concert, he encourages Persephone that she can sing onstage, and manages to win her over and play the keyboards. He is then seen moving into their new home that the Mertollini Brothers bought for them.

Appearance Edit

Reggie is a slender humanoid with marigold skin, a dark red triangle nose, orange pompadour and violet eyes. He wears a baby blue collared sweater with a white stripe down the middle, light green pants, and dark purple, heeled shoes. He also has square framed glasses and a few freckles.

Personality Edit

Unlike his adoptive brother, Reggie is more uptight and cautious about how things are done. He tends to be the "mom" friend out of the five, due to him being the oldest. He has a specific way about how to do things, and panicks when things don't go according to plan. Nevertheless, he is a kind and loyal soul.

Trivia Edit

  • Reggie is based off of Archibald Aparagus and his personality. Ironically, he bares a slight resemblance to Phil Visher, the two's voice actor.
  • He speaks in a British accent.

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