Prince Herman's 2000 is a special that's part of VeggieTales' Book of Mormon Project. A sidequel to the film The Epic Adventures of Captain Macaroni, it is based on the story of Helaman and his 2000 stripling warriors (Alma 53 and 56); it also includes elements from Alma 24 for the backstory.

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Prologue Edit

When Otis the Elevated gained reign over the Kingdom of Rhubarb, many Rhubarbarian refugees left to escape his tyranny. They arrived at the Kingdom of Scone, where King Duke and Queen Petunia welcome them heartfully. As their way of promising peace with the Kingdom of Scone, the refugees buried their weapons deep into the ground and promised God they would never fight again, even when they were threatened by the people of Rhubarb. The Rhubarbarian refugees became good and honest citizens of Scone, leaving behind their barbaric nature & doing good instead.

Plot Summary Edit

With the Second Great Pie War getting out of hand, the Rhubarbarian refugees want to break their promise to help the army of Scone. Although Prince Herman, the teenage son of the King and Queen, and the other authorities of Scone, doesn't want the refugees to break their promise, it appears that not all of them had made that promise. The young sons of the Rhubarbarian refugees have not made the promise, and they want to help the army of Scone fight for freedom. Chosen to be their leader, Prince Herman leads these 2000 young warriors into battle.

Soundtrack Edit

  • "Soldier" by GENTRI
  • "We'll Bring the World His Truth" by David Archuleta

Notes Edit

  • This episode includes elements from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with the names of most of the characters being references as listed below.
    • Lance - Sir Lancelot
    • Dennis - Sir Galahad (In the musical adaptation Spamalot, the two characters Dennis and Sir Galahad, who were both played by Michael Palin, were both merged into one character.)
    • Robby - Sir Robin
    • Art - Probably King Arthur
    • Barney - Probably Sir Bedevere
    • Wayne - Sir Gawain
    • Hector - Sir Ector
    • Boris - Sir Bors
    • Sir Connor - Concorde, Lancelot's squire
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