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Precious Girl is a sing-along DVD that follows both My Life as a Viking and Cowboy Life. It is released the same time as I Love My Puppy.


  1. Precious Girl from "It's a Meaningful Life"
  2. Love for Christmas from "Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas"
  3. Squeaky Clean from "The Crisper County Charity"
  4. My Sweet Ride from "Where's God When I Need Him?"
  5. Fulfilling Hopes and Dreams from "The Great Escape!"
  6. Chog Norrius from "MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle"
  7. We're in Big Norm's Notes Trouble! from "King George: Revenge of Norm's Notes"
  8. The Elevator Song from "Lyle the Kindly Viking 2: Lyle Meets the VeggieTones"
  9. I'm So Boo from "Abeddy Asparagus"
  10. Happy Tooth Day from "The Little House That Stood"

Chapter Select MusicEdit

  • The instrumental for Chapters 1-4 is Love for Christmas
  • The instrumental for Chapters 5-8 is The Elevator Song
  • The instrumental for Chapters 9-10 is Happy Tooth Day


The transition that plays in between songs is a bit from Spanish Gold

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