Povrće (Cyrillic: Поврће) is the Serbian dub of VeggieTales. It was distributed by Word/Everland Entertainment for Christian bookstores and by Gold Audio Video for mass markets from 2003-present on VHS and DVD (with VHS distribution being discontinued in 2006) and is based off the Slovenian dub. The series was dubbed in Serbian by Gold Digi Net from 1996-present.

Translations and Voices

English Name Serbian Name Serbian Voice Actor
Bob the Tomato Paradajz Robi/Парадајз Роби Tomaš Sarić/Томаш Сарић
Larry the Cucumber Krastavac Lovro/Краставац Ловро Milan Antonić/Милан Антонић




  • The DVD covers show Serbian text in both Latin and Cyrillic scriptures.
  • This dub uses who would later become the new voice cast from SpongeBob SquarePants (Sunđer Bob Kockalone/Сунђер Боб Коцкалоне in Serbian).
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