Povrće (Cyrillic: Поврће) is the Serbian dub of VeggieTales. It was distributed by Word/Everland Entertainment for Christian bookstores and by Gold Audio Video for mass markets from 2003-present on VHS and DVD (with VHS distribution being discontinued in 2006) and is based off the Slovenian dub. The dub was done at Gold Digi Net from 2003-2004.

Translations and VoicesEdit

English Name Serbian Name Serbian Voice Actor
Bob the Tomato Paradajz Robi/Парадајз Роби Tomaš Sarić/Томаш Сарић
Larry the Cucumber Krastavac Lovro/Краставац Ловро Milan Antonić/Милан Антонић


Movies Edit


  • The DVD covers show Serbian text in both Latin and Cyrillic scriptures.
  • This dub uses who would later become the new voice cast from SpongeBob SquarePants (Sunđer Bob Kockalone/Сунђер Боб Коцкалоне in Serbian).
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