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(July 29, 2019)

Persephone Collins is a protagonist in the The Fearless Five series. She is the lead singer of her band of the same title.

Bio Edit

Persephone first appears in Fearless, where she has terrible anxiety of singing up onstage and a bad heart. Her anxiety causes her to avoid crowded spaces and be cautious. Phillip used her anxiety as a way to ruin her friendships and family, until Persephone realized that it may be a way to conquer her fear. By the end, she managed to sing up onstage, reconcile with her friends and family, and conquer her fear, which cured her heart condition.

In The Fearless Five Adventures series, Persephone and her friends have taken a break from touring to attend Westerville U.

Appearance Edit

Persephone is a humanoid-like person with salmon skin, brown hair in a ponytail, and brown eyes. She usually sports a half ocean-blue half white sweater with white stripes on the sleeves and a lavender heart in the middle and a black collar. She also wears dark grey leggings and ocean blue boots white soles and buckles.

Personality Edit

Persephone is overall portrayed as friendly, chill, goofy, musical and outspoken. She is also very awkward when someone expresses interest in her.

In Fearless, she seemed more anxious, shy, and self-conscious. She was also quick to worry whenever a large crowd of people came by. Her anxiety caused her to lose trust in her parents and friends, but she soon learned to rise above it to reconcile with them.

In the series, Persephone is more confident in her actions and sometimes dorky. She also gained a personality of self-righteous anger where she lashes out on anyone who gets angry or blames her family or closest friends, especially Bash. Despite this, she is generally easygoing and friendly, but not oblivious.

Persephone is also not prone to peer pressure, and often has a mind of her own. She also doesn't give into the latest trends, and boldly wears her own style with a smile. She is also super difficult to push around and can easily stand up for herself, showing how much she's changed since she conquered her anxiety.

She seems to have a crush on Bash, her best friend and William, one of the 3-syllable art and drama club members. She is in a love triangle with both of them, but her crush on Bash is more well hidden. However, it is alluded that she may have gotten over her crush on William sometime after the season three finale.

She is also shown, on occasion, to be attracted to guys with suave accents, such as French, Spanish, or Italian. She tries denying this fact, due to many girls also liking this trait in a guy and her trying to avoid peer pressure and standards. However, she only likes them if they have a friendly demeanor, thus confirming that Persephone counts on the heart, not the looks.

Trivia Edit

  • Persephone is a HUGE animal lover, and her favorite animal is the Star-Nosed Mole.
  • Persephone's expressions are inspired by the expressions used in The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • Persephone's birthday is August 2nd.
    • She met Bash on March 25 when she was seven months old.
  • Persephone's weaknesses include chocolate, small fluffy animals, and good-hearted men with suave accents.
  • Persephone is shown to have three phobias throughout the series.
    • Phobophobia: Fear of anxiety (or her anxiety returning)
    • Thantophobia: Fear of losing someone (mainly Bash)
    • Metathesiophobia: Fear of change

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