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(August 17, 2019)

Pearl is a character in The Fearless Five Adventures.

Appearance Edit

Pearl is a slender ocean nymph with ocean blue skin, light pink hair in a bun with some hair left out and straight bangs, and turquoise eyes and eye shadow. She wears a turquoise romper with darker outlining and blue waves at the bottom, and teal heels with white bottom and pears outlining the shoe. She also wears an orange star in her hair and a pearl necklace.

Personality Edit

Pearl is a proper lady. She finds herself superior to her students because she knows more manners than anyone else. Sometimes, she criticizes other people of their flaws because they're not as poised as her. She enjoys tea parties, much like some girls, and dances. She tends to be vain about her appearance, but she can be nice to others.

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