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(August 19, 2019)

Pastor Dennis is a character in The Fearless Five series. He is Persephone's pastor as her church.

Appearance Edit

Pastor Dennis is an slender, anthropomorphic lizard with lime green skin, orange spiky hair that slicks forward with matching stubble, grey-lime green eyes, and glasses.

He wears a hunter green T-shirt sweater with a red stripe in the middle over a white collared shirt, grey pants with darker colored shoes.

Personality Edit

Dennis is the devoted Pastor at Faith Evangelist Church in Westerville. He is devoted to his Lord and faithful. He always shows love and kindness to everyone he comes across, and even tries to be helpful to anyone who needs help.

He comes across to many people as perfect, but he knows he has made many mistakes in the past, and may make more. He tries his best to set a good example to everyone in Westerville. He is also not pushy, and would never use God's word as a weapon against non-believers.

He is very well loved at his Church, and is humble about it.

Trivia Edit

  • He appears at the beginning of Fearless, narrating the Christmas Story.

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