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(August 12, 2019)

Paris is a character in The Fearless Five Adventures. She is Phineas's sister who has a crush on Bash. 

Appearance Edit

Paris is a slender anthropomorphic frog with shiny red hair and brown eyes. She usually wears a one-strap slip dress with a pink belt and yellow star, and white heels. She also has a gold bracelet around her right wrist. 

Personality Edit

Girly and fashionable, Paris is the talkative one out of her group. She is also the sassiest of them and will portray this trait often. She loves all things fashion and doing her nails while gossiping. She can be a bit childish in wanting things, which embarrasses her brother Phineas. Nevertheless, she is not mean to others. Paris is also ditzy and giggly to a point where it sometimes frustrates her friend group. 

She has a crush on Bash, and will flirt with him to get his attention. She is also easily jealous of anyone who gets between her and her love. Ironically, Minerva is the target of Bash's affections, but she doesn't get jealous of her.

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