Os Vexetais (stylized as os VexeTais) is the Galician dub of VeggieTales. Dialogue and titles are translated from the Brazilian Portuguese dubs.

The series was dubbed in 1996 and 2004-2006 at Sonidor S.A. A new dub was produced in Vigo at the studio Songasa from 2007-2008.

Translations and VoicesEdit

English Name Galician Name Galician Voice Actor
Bob the Tomato Bob o Tomate Luís Iglesia (1st dub)
Antón Rubal (2nd dub)
Antón Cancelas (3rd dub)
Larry the Cucumber Larry o Pepino Gonzalo Faílde (1st and 2nd dubs)
Charo Martínez (3rd dub)
Junior Asparagus Mozos Espárragos Xermana Carballido (1st and 2nd dubs, speaking)
Helena Amoedo (1st and 2nd dubs, singing)
Chelo Díaz (3rd dub)
Laura Carrot Laura Cenoria Chelo Díaz (1st dub)
Ana Ouro (2nd dub)
Marián Priego (3rd dub)
Archibald Asparagus Arquibaldo Espárrago Xoán Diéguez (1st dub, speaking)
Víctor Bouzas (1st (singing) and 2nd dubs)
Carlos Jiménez Díaz (3rd dub)
Madame Blueberry
Sonia Castelo (2nd dub)
Ana Maciñeiras (3rd dub)


  • Onde Deus Está Cando Teño M-Medo?/Que facer cando teño medo? (Where's God When I'm S-Scared?)
  • Deus Quere que os Perdoes?!?/Perdoar...Porque? (God Wants Me to Forgive Them?)
  • Estás o Meu Veciño? (Are You My Neighbor?)
  • Rack, Shack e Benny/Os tres amigos (Rack, Shack & Benny)
  • David e o Picles Xigante/David e o Xigante (Dave and the Giant Pickle)
  • O Xoguete Que Salvou o Nadal (The Toy That Saved Christmas)
  • Súper-Larry e unha mentira do outro mundo/Súper-Larry e a Gran Mentira (Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space!)
  • Madame Blueberry (Madame Blueberry)
  • As Últimas Cancións Divertidas? (The End of Silliness?)
  • Rei George e o Patito (King George and the Ducky)
  • Ester... A Moza Que Se Converteu en Raíña (Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen)
  • Lilo o Viking Amable (Lyle the Kindly Viking)
  • A Estrela do Nadal (The Star of Christmas)
  • A Balada do Pequeno Joe (The Ballad of Little Joe)
  • Un Conto de Pascua (An Easter Carol)
  • A Historia dun Snoodle (A Snoodle's Tale)
  • Sumo da Ópera (Sumo of the Opera)
  • Duque e a Gran Guerra das Tortas (Duke and the Great Pie War)
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