Mr. Lunt's Cooking is the first half of the fourth episode of season 2 of VeggieTales Kids.

Major Characters Edit

  • Mr. Lunt
  • Pa Grape
  • Bob the Tomato
  • Larry the Cucumber
  • Supermarket owners
  • Bob the Tomato's parents
  • Bob the Tomato's grandparents
  • Larry the Cucumber's parents
  • Larry the Cucumber's grandparents

Minor Characters Edit

  • Madame Blueberry (doesn't speak)
  • Mr. Nezzer
  • Mr. Squashy
  • Mr. Jerrycone
  • Mrs. Bradfair
  • Mrs. Leader

Plot:. Edit

Mr. Lunt is excited to cook hot dogs, but finds out he has no ingredients. He starts crying and saying, "The humanity." Bob and Larry arrive with their parents and Bob the Tomato's dad tells Mr. Lunt not to worry because everyone will shop for ingredients so that Mr. Lunt can cook hot dogs. Bob's dad drives Mr. Lunt to the Good Health Supermarket. At the Good Health Supermarket, everyone is greeted with 3 supermarket owners. They help Mr. Lunt find ingredients. First they find mustard in Aisle 4, then ketchup in Aisle 6, then buns in Aisle 7. After that, they go to the checkout aisle to check out all the ingredients. After that, Mr, Lunt is then driven back home so that Mr. Lunt can cook hot dogs. Bob and Larry's grandparents arrive just as Mr. Lunt cooks everyone hot dogs. An hour later, everyone joins in, having a hot dog party. Mr. Nezzer even enjoys the hot dogs, so he asks Mr. Lunt for some more. Mr. Lunt allows him. The next day, in each class, Mrs. Leader reies a hot dog first, then Mr. Squashy, then Mr. Jerrycone, and finally, Mrs. Bradfair. All the hot dogs are gobbled down. Then Bob and Larry watch TV, read books and play fun games. Bob the Tomato's and Larry the Cucumber's dad read Bob and Larry a bedtime story. Then, Bob and Larry drift off to bed and go to sleep as the episode fades out.

Trivia Edit

  • The 3 Good Health Supermarket owners are voiced by 3 Canadian actors. The first t owner is voiced by Ty Ollison (who was the same voice as Ord the blue dragon from Dragon Tales, even using the same voice), the second owner is voiced by Jason Michas (who was the same voice for another character in Dragon Tales, called Zak) except he uses his normal voice) and the third owner is voiced by Luke Reid (who was the voice of the Brain for the first 4 seasons of Arthur, in which his voice matured in season 3, so he uses the same voice as season 4 of Arthur.
  • The sound of Mr. Lunt crying was originally used for Buster Baxter in the Arthur season 2 episode, Arthur's Lucky Pencil. The sound of him saying "The humanity! was later used for the same character in the episode, Arthur Loses His Marble. In this episode, instead of the quote "No malted balls, no chocolate covered cherries... Oh, the humanity!", Mr. Lunt goes "No buns, no mustard, no ketchup... Oh, the humanity!" in a similar manner as Buster Baxter.
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