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(August 7, 2019)

Melody Collins is a supporting character in The Fearless Five series. She is Persephone's mother.

Bio Edit

Melody is Persephone's mother in the series.

She first appears in Fearless, seven years ago when she's watching a seven-year-old Persephone as an angel in a Christmas Play. When she sees Persephone collapse onstage, she watches in horror and runs to her side. She then discovers that her daughter has a bad heart, but reassures her daughter that this condition might not last long.

She protects her daughter from any anxiety-triggering events for ten years until Persephone takes on a college visit and wishes her luck.

Later on, when Bash was caught in a fire, rescued, and taken to the hospital, Melody comforts Persephone. However, when she tries to tell her to support her friend, Persephone denies, telling her that it would spike her anxiety more. Melody tries to reassure her that the condition may be gone by now. The disagreement causes Persephone to collapse out of over worrying. Persephone realizes that her mother had lied to her and leaves her. Melody, along with Edwin, is grieved.

Melody manages to reconcile with Persephone after her daughter returns home and apologizes. Melody forgives her and supports her at her live concert, holding up a sky that says "Philippians 4:13"

When they arrive at the Fearless Five's new house, Melody supports her decision to move in, as the latter reassures her that she is not moving out of her life. The two bid goodbyes, and Melody returns to her house with Edwin.

Appearance Edit

Melody is a slender chibinoid with auburn hair in a long ponytail, brown eyes, and freckles. She usually wears a periwinkle off-the-shoulder sweater, faded green capri pants, and periwinkle flats.

Personality Edit

Melody is a loving mother and cares for her children. She understands Persephone's anxiety problems and tries to her best to reassure everything is going to be fine. She is very selfless, sacrificing her time to help her family and is hard-working in what she does. She isn't prone to yelling, but can get firm whenever she needs to. Overall, she is a great mother with a heart of gold.

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