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(August 17, 2019)

Marina is a character from The Fearless Five Adventures. She is an ocean nymph, Sydney's cousin, and Seleste's rival for Donny's affections.

Appearance Edit

Marina is a slender ocean nymph with ocean blue skin, long blonde hair that flips upwards and bangs that represent waves, and turquoise eyes. She wears a pink midriff tank top with a cyan line on the bottom, cyan shirt with pink outlining, a teal jacket with marigold sleeves and blue outlining tied around her waist, fishnet tights, and periwinkle buckle boots with orange fishes on the sides of them. She also wore a pink and cyan striped sweatband on her right wrist.

Personality Edit

Marina is a cheerful tomboy. She competed in sports and is very competitive in them, usually hotheaded in defeat and showboating in victory. She is shown to also be very loud and energetic, speaking with a twang in her voice. She tends to be direct with her feelings on other people, especially about her feelings for Donny and speaking her mind. She also tends to be quite bossy, and likes taking charge among the students of Westerville U.

Trivia Edit

  • Marina is slightly based off of Princess Daisy from the Super Mario video game series.

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