Les Végétaloufs (The Vegetables) is the French dub of VeggieTales.

The dub was done in Paris, France at Chinkel from 1996-2015.

In France, it was distributed by Sephora Music for Christian bookstores and by Sony Music for mass market stores (mass market distribution began in 1998). In Canada, it was distributed by Word/Everland Entertainment for Christian bookstores and by Kids Motion International (1998-2002), Warner Home Video (2002-2004), Sony Wonder (2004-2006), and Vivendi (2007-present) for mass market stores.

Translations and VoicesEdit

English Name French Name French Voice Actor
Bob the Tomato Bob la Tomate Jean-Claude Donda
Larry the Cucumber Larry le Concombre Hervé Rey
Junior Asparagus Junior Asperge Danièle Hazan
Laura Carrot Laura Carotte Nayéli Forest
Mr. Lunt M. Calbasse Paolo Domingo
Mr. Nezzer M. Netsar Emmanuel Rausenberger
Archibald Asparagus Archibald Asperge Jean-Claude Donda
Petunia Rhubarb Pétunia Rhubarbe Ginette Pigeon
Madame Blueberry Madame Blueberry Hélène Bizot
Jimmy Gourd Jimmy Gourde Olivier Podesta
Jerry Gourd Jerry Gourde Pierre Hatet
Scooter Carrot Scooter Carotte François-Éric Gendron



  • Comment Dessiner avec Bob et Larry ! (Bob and Larry's How to Draw!)
  • Tous les Drôles de Chansons (The Complete Silly Song Collection)
  • Collection d'Histoires de Noël (Holiday Double Feature)
  • Drôles de Pirates : On va Chanter et Plus ! (The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Sing-Along Songs and More!)



  • Le Mystère de l'Île aux Végétaloufs (The Mystery of Veggie Island)
  • Le Carnaval des Végétaloufs (Veggie Carnival)
  • Ville de Créativité (VeggieTales: Creativity City)
  • Jonas et les Végétaloufs : Le Jeu (Jonah: A VeggieTales Game)
  • Montpellier Combre et les Singes de Noix de Coco (Minnesota Cuke and the Coconut Apes)
  • Larry-Çon et le Mauvaise Pomme (LarryBoy and the Bad Apple)


  • VégéChansons (VeggieTunes)
  • La Fête de Noël des Végétaloufs (A Very Veggie Christmas)
  • VégéChansons 2 (VeggieTunes 2)
  • Larry-Çon: La Bande Sonore (Larry-Boy: The Soundtrack)
  • VégéChansons 3 (VeggieTunes: A Queen, A King, and a Very Blue Berry)
  • La Collection des Drôles de Chansons avec Larry (Silly Songs with Larry)
  • Chansons du Dimanche Matin avec Bob et Larry (Bob and Larry's Sunday Morning Songs)
  • (Junior's Bedtime Songs)
  • (Jonah's Overboard Sing-Along)
  • (Bob and Larry's Backyard Party)
  • (Pirates' Boat Load of Fun)
  • VégéChansons 4 (VeggieTunes 4)


  • L'Histoire de Flibber-o-loo (The Story of Flibber-o-loo)
  • Nias, Rias et Saël (Rack, Shack & Benny)
  • Dave et le Cornichon Géant (Dave and the Giant Pickle)
  • Larry-Boy! et le Mensonge de L'Espace! (Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space!)
  • (How Many Veggies?)
  • (Junior's Colors)
  • (Pa Grape's Shapes)
  • (Archibald's Opposites)
  • (Time for Tom)
  • L’Étoile de Noël (The Star of Christmas)
  • (The Mess Detectives: The Slobfather)
  • Un Chant de Pâques (An Easter Carol)
  • (The Mess Detectives: The Don't-Touchables)
  • Trois Pirates et Tu! (Three Pirates and You!)
  • (The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and Me!)
  • (God Made You Special!)
  • (God Loves You Very Much!)
  • (Larry Learns to Listen)
  • (Bob Lends a Helping... Hand?)
  • (Peas and Thank You!)
  • (Junior and Laura Share the Year Together)
  • Où est Dieu quand j'ai P-Peur? (Where's God When I'm S-Scared?)
  • (Love Your Neighbor)
  • (Madame Blueberry Learns to Be Thankful)
  • Roi David et Ses Canards (King George and His Duckies)
  • Une Conte de un Snoodle (A Snoodle's Tale)
  • Conte des Deux Sumos (Tale of Two Sumos)
  • Un Chevalier Inoubliable (A Knight to Remember)


  • In real life, the only dubs of anything created by Big Idea known to have been in French are Drôles de Pirates (The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie), Les Végétaloufs dans la Place (VeggieTales in the House), and Les Végétaloufs dans la Ville (VeggieTales in the City).
  • This dub uses translations that are closer to the Biblical stories.
  • Most of the voice actors from this dub would later reprise their roles in the Netflix series.
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