LarryBoy and the Reckless Ruckus is a video adaptation of the book "LarryBoy and the Reckless Ruckus". It features a lesson in saying you're sorry.


One day, Junior Asparagus's class were all taking a field trip to the Museum of Super Silliness. But while waiting in line, something blew past him and his friends, Laura Carrot and Davis the pea. The wind blew Junior's ticket out of his grasp, so he had to get a new one. Once the kids finally did get inside, another wind blew past Laura and trapped her in the longest spaghetti noodle. A new guy named Ruckus steps in and blames the fault on Davis.

After the kids have a look at the World's Largest Rubber Band Ball, the kids get a surprise visit from LarryBoy, who arrives in the Larry-Copter to tell kids stories. But while everyone focuses on LarryBoy, Ruckus, who was jealous of LarryBoy for all the attention given to him (Not to mention the free ice cream), decides to frame LarryBoy by knocking the rubber band ball off it's stand and blaming the vibrations from the Larry-Copter. Then Ruckus uses his whirlwinds to blow the rubberband ball down towards the miniature replica of Bumblyburg made of viking stuff. LarryBoy tries to stop it, but he gets himself rolled in the ball and tossed into the guards, who were distracted by the smell of Ruckus' hot dog so they didn't close the museum gates.

As the rubberband ball rolls out of the gates and towards Bumblyburg, Ruckus made an anonymous call to the news netwoks about LarryBoy's "crime". LarryBoy, on the otherhand, tries to stop the ball, but gets himself tangled to the ball by his plungers. As it was about to crash into Bumblyburg, Ruckus steps in as the new "super hero", "Ravishing Ruckus". He then uses his whirlwinds to stop the rubber band ball and "save the day". But as LarryBoy is about to be arrested, Junior steps forward with security footage of what Ruckus has actually been doing around the museum. He even discovered that Ruckus was the one responsible for stealing his ticket and trapping Laura in that Spaghetti noodle. Officer Scooter than arrest Ruckus and apologizes to LarryBoy for not believing him. LarryBoy then told Ruckus that if he says he's sorry and do the right thing, then maybe he could be filled with ice cream instead of regret.

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