LarryBoy is the Italian dub of LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures.

It was dubbed at Merak Film of Cologno Monzese, Milan in Italy and was distributed in 2004 by Word Italia for Christian bookstores and by Mondo Home Entertainment for mass markets.

Translations and Voices Edit

English Name Italian Name Italian Voice Actor
LarryBoy/Larry LarryBoy/Larry Claudio Moneta
Alfred Alfred Pietro Ubaldi


  • Le sopracciglia arrabbiate (The Angry Eyebrows)
  • L'ego cattivo (Leggo My Ego!)
  • La yodeltrice (The Yodelnapper!)
  • Il buono, il brutto, l'uovo (The Good, the Bad, and the Eggly)

Super Shorts Edit

  • Vola per forza (Fly By Might)
  • Lavori simultanei (Cuke of All Trades)
  • Un cetriolo congelato (A Polar Pickle!)
  • Il disastro di Lemone Twist e Elettri-Melone (Merry-Go-Wreck)

Fun FactsEdit

  • "yodeltrice" is a portmanteau on the word "yodel" and the Italian word "rapitrice" (kidnapper). The reason the female form of the latter word is used is because Greta von Gruesome is a female character.
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