LarryBoy: Ein Superheld mit Gottes Wille (LarryBoy: A superhero with God's will) is the German dub of LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures.

The series was dubbed during the show's original run (2002-2003) in Munich at dubbing studio FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH, with each episode being released two weeks after their American release dates. A new dub was produced in Hamburg at the studios M&E Studios and Funkworld-Studio from 2008-2009.

Voices[edit | edit source]

English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Benedikt Weber (original dub)
Gerald Schaale (re-dub)
Kai Taschner (original dub)
Andreas von der Meden (re-dub)
Bok Choy
Volker Wolf (original dub)
Uwe Paulsen (re-dub)
Bob the Tomato Bob Tomate David Nathan (original dub)
Marek Erhardt (re-dub)
Vicki Cucumber Vicki Gurke Marianne Lutz (original dub)
Tina Eschmann (re-dub)
Junior Asparagus Junior Spargel Cathlen Gawlich (original dub)
Tammo Kaulbarsch (re-dub)
Lemon Twist
Andreschka Großmann (original dub)
Farina Brock (re-dub)
Dark Crow Dunkle Krähe Răhjo Néomaaier (original dub)
Hans Bayer (re-dub)
Electro-Melon Elektro-Melon Norman Matt (original dub)
Reinhard-Schulat Rademacher (re-dub)
Scarlet Tomato Scharlachrote Tomate Uwe Paulsen (original dub)
Engelbert von Nordhausen (re-dub)
Awful Alvin Schrecklicher Alvin Hans-Jürgen Dittberner (original dub)
Santiago Ziesmer (re-dub)
Mother Pearl Mutter Perle Dorette Hugo (original dub)
Sabine Winterfeldt (re-dub)
The Alchemist Der Alchemist Frank Schaff (original dub)
Gerald Schaale (re-dub)
Greta von Gruesome
Marianne Lutz (original dub)
Cornelia Meinhardt (re-dub)
The Narrator Der Erzähler Patrick Schröder (original dub)
Hanjo Gäbler (re-dub)

Other Characters [edit | edit source]

English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Officer Olaf Offizier Olaf

Rufus Beck (original dub)
Konstantin Graudus (re-dub)

Herbert and Wally Herbert und Wally

Santiago Ziesmer (original dub; both)
Robert Kotulla (re-dub; Herbert)
Oliver Reinhard (re-dub; Wally)

Ma Mushroom Ma Wütendilz

Miriam van Dooren (original dub)
Tanja Dohse (re-dub)

Mr. Mahoney

Ilja Richter (original dub)
Nicolas König (re-dub)

Mr. Cuchimi
Gudo Hoegel (original dub)
Lutz Schnell (re-dub)

Thomas Amper (original dub)
Boris Tessmann (re-dub)

Mr. Vandrahosenhegamerr
Dominik Auer (original dub)
Nicolas König (re-dub)

How to Draw[edit | edit source]

Name German Voice Actor
Tom Bancroft Michael Rüth
Tom Owens David Nathan

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  • LarryBoy gegen Alvins Augenbrauen (LarryBoy and the Angry Eyebrows) (LarryBoy vs Alvin's eyebrows)
  • Leggo My Ego!: LarryBoy und sein Ego (Leggo My Ego!) (Leggo My Ego!: LarryBoy and his Ego)
  • Greta, der Jodelführer (The Yodelnapper!) (Greta, the yodelnapper) ("Jodelführer" is a portmanteau of "jodel" (yodel) and "Entführer" (kidnapper), with "jodel" replacing the "Ent" part of "Entführer")
  • Zwei glorreiche Eier (The Good, the Bad and the Eggly) (Two glorious eggs)

Super Shorts[edit | edit source]

  • LarryBoy gegen die Fliege (Fly By Might) (LarryBoy against the fly)
  • LarryBoy hat viele Arbeitsplätze! (Cuke of All Trades!) (LarryBoy has a lot of jobs!)
  • Der Krieg für den Fisch (A Polar Pickle!) (The war for the fish)
  • Merry-Go-Wreck: Chaos im Vergnügungspark (Merry Go Wreck) (Merry-Go-Wreck: chaos in the amusement park)

Dub Credits[edit | edit source]

  • Translation: Angelika Scharf
  • Direction: Eberhard Storeck (original dub)/Angelika Scharf (redub)

Channels/Networks[edit | edit source]

  • Super RTL (2004-2006) (shown as part of the Toggo block, compared to VeggieTales)
  • Bibel TV (2003-2007)
  • iMusic1 (2009)
  • GreenWarp (2004-present) (both dubs were aired on the channel, with the first dub airing from the channel's launch in 2004 to 2008, when they switched to the newer dub)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Leggo My Ego's original name was kept on both the DVD and VHS covers due to the German subtitle being added to the main one being too long to fit on them.
    • However, the title card on both dubs slightly move the "Leggo My Ego!" text in order to make the subtitle fit.
  • Uwe Paulsen would later go on to voice Bok Choy in the second dub.
  • Religious references are inserted in every episode rather than just the first episode, and there are multiple religious references per episode. Also, a scene with a Bible verse is inserted between the main story and the Super Short that comes after it.
    • This was done because Big Idea is a religious company, and only LarryBoy and the Angry Eyebrows contains any sort of religious reference in English and other dubs.
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