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Junior's Playtime Songs is a 2004 video adaptation of the same name based on the CD.


  1. Come Over to My House and Play (Bob and Larry's Backyard Party)
  2. Playtime Song
  3. Love My Lips (Dave and the Giant Pickle)
  4. Consider Yourself
  5. Boom Boom Ain't It Great to Be Crazy
  6. Rocka My Soul
  7. Here We Go Loopty Loo
  8. John Jimmy Jingleheimer Schmidt
  9. Look Olaf! (Lyle the Kindly Viking)
  10. I Got a Funny Feelin'
  11. My Aunt Came Back (LarryBoy and the Waffle Overdose)
  12. Allelu, Allelu
  13. What Do You Do (With a Tired Veggie)?
  14. Friends Medley
  15. A Friend is a Friend (VeggieTales Live! On Stage 2002)
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