Jonas VeggieTales-Abenteuer (Jonah's VeggieTales Adventure) is the German dub of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. It features most of the same voices heard on the main series. The first dub was theatrically released on March 18, 2003 and on home video on August 5, 2003, while the second dub was released exclusively to DVD on June 1, 2010.

The movie was dubbed in Munich at FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH, and then redubbed in Hamburg at the studios M&E Studios and Funkworld-Studio.


English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Bob the Tomato Bob Tomate David Nathan (original dub)
Marek Erhardt (re-dub)
Larry the Cucumber Larry Gurke Benedikt Weber (original dub)
Gerald Schaale (re-dub)
Junior Asparagus Junior Spargel Cathlen Gawlich (original dub)
Tammo Kaulbarsch (re-dub)
Laura Carrot Laura Karotte Angela Wiederhut (original dub)
Florence Joy (re-dub)
Annie Onion Annie Zwiebel Michele Sterr (original dub)
Percy Pea Percy Erbse Norman Matt (original dub; speaking)
Philipp Marx (original dub; singing)
Dad Asparagus Papa Spargel Andreas Mannkopff (original dub)
Archibald Asparagus Archibald Spargel Kai Taschner (original dub; speaking)
Wolfgang Ziffer (original dub; singing)
Andreas von der Meden (re-dub; speaking)
Klaus Esch (re-dub; singing)
Pa Grape Pa Traube (original dub)
Papa Traube (re-dub)
Frank Röth (original dub)
Konrad Halver (re-dub; speaking)
Klaus Esch (re-dub; singing)
Mr. Lunt
Patrick Schröder (original dub)
Monty Arnold (re-dub)
Thomas Amper (original dub)
Monty Arnold (re-dub)

Other Characters (in order of appearance)Edit

English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Jean-Claude Pea Jean-Claude Erbse Santiago Ziesmer (original dub)
Rafi Guessous (re-dub; speaking)
Hanjo Gäbler (vocals in "Steak and Shrimp;" re-dub)
Philippe Pea Philippe Erbse Robert Missler (both dubs; speaking for the re-dub)
Hanjo Gäbler (vocals in "Steak and Shrimp;" re-dub)
Mr. Nezzer
Michael Rüth (original dub)
Wolf Frass (re-dub)
Jerry Gourd Jerry Kürbis Hans-Rainer Müller (original dub)
Helgo Liebig (re-dub)
Scooter Carrot Scooter Karotte Helmut Krauss (original dub)
Achim Schülke (re-dub)
Angels Engel Sacrificium (original dub)
Florence Joy (re-dub; female singing)
Hanjo Gäbler (re-dub; male lead vocals)
Rolf Stahlhofen (re-dub; male backup vocals)
"Turn back!" veggie Gemüse, wer sagt „Geh raus!“ Günther Herrmann (original dub)
Tilman Borck (re-dub)
Executioner Henker Wolfgang Ziffer (original dub)
Oliver Böttcher (re-dub)
King Twistomer König Twistomer Wolf Frass (original dub)
Jan Spitzer (re-dub)

Additional voices (FFS): Thomas von der Groeben, Leon Meyer, and Hugo Schülke

Audio CommentariesEdit

Name Voice Actor
Phil Vischer David Nathan
Mike Nawrocki Benedikt Weber
Ameake Owens Tina Eschmann
Marc Vulcano Ulrich Frank
Mr. Lunt Patrick Schröder

Books Edit

  • (The Pirates Who Usually Don't Do Anything)
  • (Even Fish Slappers Need a Second Chance)


  • Kinowelt (FFS dub) (theatrical release)
  • Gerth Medien (FFS and M&E dubs) (VHS (FFS only)/DVD releases) (Christian bookstores)
  • VCL (FFS dub) (VHS/DVD release) (mass markets)

Dub CreditsEdit

  • Translation: Angelika Scharf (original dub and redub)
  • Direction: Eberhard Storeck (original dub)/Angelika Scharf (redub)

Fun FactsEdit


  • While the FFS dub has onscreen text left in English, the M&E dub has them localized due to it being marketed as a Bob & Larrys Bibelgeschichten release.
    • To prove the FFS dub does the former, the following things are added:
      • Archibald can be heard saying "(distributor) präsentiert ein VeggieTales Abenteuer der Bibel...Jonas VeggieTales-Abenteuer!" in the title card, starting at "In association with FHE Pictures."
        • The Kinowelt version went lost until 2008, when someone who made a bootleg recording during the FFS dub's theatrical run uploaded the opening to his copy on YouTube and on various torrent websites. Speaking of which, he also claimed to have a video of his friends singing the theme song (starting at "Ist dein bester Freund 'ne Tomate?") on the same tape he recorded the movie on.
      • Junior says "Sie verkaufen Mitgefühl und Barmherzigkeit?" (English: They sell compassion and mercy?) while looking at the menu.
      • The executioner reads "Slap me, I'm Irish" after turning the demo pumpkin in the bloopers.
    • However, dubbing credits play after the Big Idea logo in the credits and the copyright screen in English fade out.
      • Speaking of which, on the M&E dub, the credits play like a regular episode would do, complete with the Lifehouse Film logo appearing at the end.
  • A sweepstakes promotion was held by Gerth Medien in which on the two weeks leading up to the first recording session at FFS, people could enter to win a chance to provide vocals for "Message from the Lord" (it is not included for the examples below) and, if they wished, have a role in the dub. The winners are as follows:
    • Günther Herrmann, who voiced the veggie telling Jonah, "Turn back!" as well as cheering after "Message from the Lord"
    • Thomas von der Groeben, who provided non-verbal sounds for the gourd appearing in the hand-drawn segment with Nineveh
    • Leon Meyer, who provided audience voices during the execution scene as well as cheering after "Message from the Lord"
    • Hugo Schülke, who chose not to provide any additional voices outside of "Message of the Lord," although he eventually would provide additional voices starting with The Ballad of Little Joe from the main series
  • To have Benedikt Weber, Kai Taschner, Patrick Schröder, and Frank Röth experience the same situations as their characters, all four of them were recalling memories of their parents in order to cry after the demo of the Slap of No Return. According to a man named Jorgen Künzel, he was part of a group of visitors who had won a trip to see the movie getting dubbed and did not know this until Benedikt told him about said technique.
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