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(July 23, 2013)

Another DVD to the VeggieTales Sing-Alongs collection, following This was released the same time as "My Baby Elf".



  1. His Cheeseburger from "Madame Blueberry"
  2. The Lord Has Given from "Josh and the Big Wall"
  3. Up With Bunnies from "Twas the Night Before Easter"
  4. It's Laura's Fault/It's Lenny's Fault from "LarryBoy and the Fib From Outer Space"
  5. What Can a Baby Do? from "Duke and the Great Pie War"
  6. Love Your Neighbor from "Are You My Neighbor?"
  7. Donuts for Benny from "Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving"
  8. Where Have All the Staplers Gone? from "Pistachio"
  9. Oh Lone Stranger from "Moe and the Big Exit"
  10. Big Things Too from "Dave and the Giant Pickle"

Chapter Selections

  • The instrumental for Chapters 1-4 is His Cheeseburger
  • The instrumental for Chapters 5-8 is What Can a Baby Do?
  • The instrumental for Chapters 9-10 is Big Things Too


The song used when the song transition clip is shown is a bit from Stand!

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