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God Wants Us to Be Kind to Others is an all-new collection from VeggieTales! It features three stories about being kind to others.




  • VeggieTales Theme Song
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
  • A Little Bit of This
  • The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo
  • How I Love the Shopping
  • With a Ha-Ha-Ha
  • This is Rather Eerie
  • A Little Bit of This Reprise (An Astonishing Hideaway)
  • What Would Philip Fleagle Think?
  • A Little Bit of This Finale (I Have Redeemed Myself!)
  • To Have a Gift
  • Fit for a Queen (and reprise)
  • Best Freend
  • More Beautiful (and reprise)
  • Banished
  • Ugly, Hairy Plan
  • Action Scene!
  • Sneeze if You Need To
  • Another Easter Day
  • 113 Years Ago
  • When I Am Interrupted by People Bugging Me
  • You Didn't Listen, Ebenezer
  • Boids
  • Hope's Song
  • Where Have All the Staplers Gone?



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